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Different types of video marketing

Our everyday life is now taking place more and more online and on digital platforms. We are constantly provided with information and advertising on social media, but also on individual websites. In order to stand out in this wealth of information, videos are becoming increasingly popular in advertising and marketing. Video marketing describes the use of video formats and moving images and is used to achieve a greater reach of customers and prospects. This form of advertising has become increasingly popular, especially through social media, as it is no longer associated with the high transmission costs (as in conventional television), but is possible for almost any company.

Technical progress, also in relation to video production, makes it possible for almost anyone who even has a smartphone to produce, edit and publish a video these days.

Benefits of video marketing

Videos and moving images in general help to explain complex processes and facts simply and briefly. The processing in video format leads to attracting more attention and generally being better remembered. The distribution on social media such as Facebook or Instagram can also have a strong influence on the target group. With a classic advertising film on television, only the station and the time can be selected. On the other hand, online, especially with paid ads, you can select exactly who this ad is relevant for, so ideally your video will reach exactly the people you want to win as customers or applicants.

Various video types

When choosing the right promotional video, it is important to take a closer look at the goal and then select the appropriate video type. You can find an overview of various marketing videos here:

1. Image film

Image films are one of the most important and popular forms of video marketing. These brief insights into the company show the company culture and the brand as a whole. They are mainly used for image building and improvement and should ideally be universally applicable.

2. Product video

For sales, on the other hand, product videos are particularly helpful. This type of video usually focuses on a specific product, product range or service that is presented and explained in more detail. This can be used, for example, for specific campaigns or the launch of a new product and is intended to boost sales.

3. Explainer Videos

Explainer videos, on the other hand, are not aimed directly at selling the product, but are intended to explain the advantages or processes. This is more about informing the target group than generating emotions (as in the image film). Explainer videos are often animated and are used to simply present complex processes or to train users and employees (e.g. tutorials).

4. Testimonials

In order to be particularly credible with the target group and to show your own advantages, especially compared to the competition, it helps to use testimonials. Testimonials can be internal employees as well as customers or partners*. These can provide authentic experience reports with the company and the products in video form and thus strengthen the brand.

5. Recruitment videos

The use of videos is also becoming increasingly popular in personnel marketing. In video form, the company can be made much more tangible for applicants and the employer brand can be established. In this way, suitable applicants can be approached and convinced by the company. Communication with potential applicants is becoming increasingly important, especially with regard to the ever-increasing shortage of skilled workers.

Measure the success of video marketing

Various key figures can help to ultimately measure the success of video marketing. For one thing, impressions are a good indicator of how many people the video was suggested to online. The number of clicks tells you how many people have viewed the video. Reactions such as likes, comments and shared content can also be indicators of how well the content was received by the target group. Basically, however, these key figures are particularly meaningful in comparison to other content. In this way, it can be recognized when a video is performing particularly well or poorly. The comparison of different platforms can also be useful for further marketing planning.

Personalized videos and local marketing

In addition to the various uses for video marketing, the creation of personalized videos is becoming increasingly important, especially in local marketing. By personally addressing a specific person or a specific target group, more attention is generated from the viewer and usually an appreciative feeling is dissolved. This emotional connection can then lead to a higher purchase intention and a positive assessment of the brand. In addition to the personal address, general brand videos such as e.g. B. Image films can be adapted to the local sender (such as dealers or branches). In this way, the customer receives a video directly from their personal contact person on site and thus builds a stronger bond with the local brand.

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