Social Media.X:
Reach your target group on social media platforms

With the Social Media.X module, your partners* will find the right target groups in the social networks. With this module, posts or advertisements on the social media platforms can be published directly on the profiles of the partners* or the brand via the Local Marketing Platform.

Social Media.X - Local Marketing Platform

Features and benefits of the Social Media.X module

Independent creation and publication of social media content

Your partners* can edit and create the posts and ads for the social media themselves using preset templates. When approving the template, you decide which areas (images, text, position, etc.) can be edited by the partners* and which content is fixed. Users are guided through the editing process (using a step-by-step wizard) and can then publish the content directly without having to be familiar with the social media platforms.

Live editor Social Media
Precise target group approach

Accurate and easy targeting 

One of the biggest benefits of using social media ads is being able to accurately select the audience you want that ad to reach. Your partners* are free to decide when and within what radius their advert is published on the social media platforms. They can also choose which target groups should see the ads based on demographic data. However, you can always decide whether you want to leave the targeting options to the partners* or preset them directly.

Immediate evaluation and measurement of success

With the integrated evaluation of the posts and ads, your partners* get a quick overview of their own social media activities. Whether impressions, likes or comments - with the help of the analysis, your partners* can carry out a simple success measurement and respond directly to comments and reactions from followers and interested parties.

Evaluation of the insights

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Was ist eine Local Marketing Plattform

Was ist eine Local Marketing Plattform?

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