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With the Local Marketing Platform, you can ensure consistent content for your partners* using provided marketing measures and campaigns. By building information pages and connecting the service providers you need, your local partner marketing runs easily and effectively.

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Advertising measures and campaigns

In the Local Marketing Platform, you can provide your partners* with all the advertising measures they need. Using these measures, partners* can design their local marketing and draw attention to the brand and their own store or location both online and offline. Thanks to the uniform implementation in the platform, your partners* benefit from the uniform structure and provision despite their different marketing skills. The campaign offer allows you to provide your partners* with additional tips for the combination and interaction of individual measures.


Campaign planning and execution

Using the standardized campaign and marketing plan, you can provide your partners* with a precise roadmap for the coming marketing months. Each individual campaign has an advertising focus (e.g., new customer acquisition) and consists of various cross-media advertising measures. By organizing these measures into campaign packages, partners* can select, create and book all the advertising measures they need with just one customization. This saves them having to select the right marketing channel and ensures consistent brand communication across all locations at all times.


Read here about the various modules of the Local Marketing Platform and which measures are included in each.

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Production and publication

With its open ecosystem and the large number of its own service providers and service partners*, the Local Marketing Platform enables a particularly fast and uncomplicated process for the production and publication of marketing measures and campaigns. As a rule, after personalization, your partners* can automatically forward the article to the selected service provider (such as printers or media productions) for production or publish the content directly on digital channels such as social media or Google Ads.


Open ecosystem

 Through the open LBX ecosystem, service providers and other software solutions (e.g. DAM or PIM systems) can be directly connected to the Local Marketing Platform via email, FTP/SFT or individual API. This way, integration into your existing marketing workflows is done with just a few clicks. The Local Brand X ecosystem offers you maximum flexibility and fast integration of your service providers and software solutions.

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Own or LBX service partners*

You always have the freedom to decide whether you want to work with your own service partners* or with service partners* from the Local Brand X network. The service partners* can be changed at any time, even during the project duration.

In-house service or full service

Decide whether you want to take care of the maintenance of the Local Marketing Platform and the support of your partners*. Alternatively, Local Brand X offers you a full service that takes care of all aspects of the Local Marketing Platform. From the maintenance of the articles to the provision of service partners* to personal support - everything as a full service from Local Brand X.

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The Local Marketing Platform offers your partners* the opportunity to create all the marketing materials they need for their local marketing using editable templates. In personalization, the materials can be ideally adapted to the local target group and completed with the partners*' own data and images.


Online editor

In the online editor, partners* can edit the marketing measures in real time and adapt them to their own wishes. By using the Local Marketing Platform as a web application, the templates can be accessed online at a moment's notice. In addition, users can directly access the maintained master data (such as contact information) and integrate it into the designs.

Disproportionate scaling

To enable marketing that is as individual as possible, the templates for the advertising measures can be created as disproportionately scalable templates. This means that advertising measures such as posters or online ads can be exported and ordered in any desired size. This gives partners* a particularly high degree of design freedom.

Content Management

Create your Local Marketing Platform entirely according to the wishes of your partners*. Using the content management system, you can build pages yourself, such as campaign pages or guides, and make all relevant content immediately available. You can freely select the structure and content according to the needs of your partners*. In addition, the integrated media library (DAM system) allows you to provide images, graphics and logos for the creation of personalized marketing activities. Thus, you can provide partners* with access to all the content they need and plan and execute your own local marketing.


On individual campaign pages, you offer your partners* all the content and explanations they need to carry out the relevant marketing campaign. Frequently asked questions can be clarified here, required media can be linked and suitable article packages can be attached.


In order to create a consistent brand image despite a large number of different local partners*, it is particularly important to clearly communicate the corporate design guidelines. On a CD guidelines page, you can collect all relevant information and link assets such as logos and product images. In addition, you can create guides and guidelines to provide frequently needed information collected on their own subpages.


In the Local Marketing Platform, you can make all relevant marketing measures available to your partners* for editing and booking. Organize the measures according to different channels (e.g. video, social media, ...) or the appropriate marketing campaigns to make them easier to find for the partners*.


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