Marketing Asset Management

Provide your partners with the right images and content for consistent local marketing. Via the integrated marketing asset management, you can provide your partners with all relevant assets such as images, logos, graphics or videos in the Local Marketing Platform. Through the direct connection to the media database, these assets can be used directly for the production of marketing materials.

More than 50,000 partners already work with Local Brand X

You have ...

... many marketing assets like images, graphics or files used for marketing.


... no central database that your partners can access.


... a large number of local partners who carry out local advertising measures.


Convincing with an impressive image and media world

First impressions count and are usually remembered. With the right visual language and a consistent advertising presence, you can leave a particularly positive impression on your prospects and customers. Support your partners with a clear marketing asset management to carry the brand image to the outside in the best possible way.


Four steps to your marketing asset management

Upload existing images and assets


Categorize assets and tag them with information


Direct use of assets in the creation of marketing activities


Shine and convince with a uniform corporate design


All files in one system

Marketing Asset Management makes it possible to store all digital assets in a media library and make them accessible to all partners. Through a web-based system, your partners can access the images and content regardless of location and use them for their local marketing.

Direct use of assets

The connection of the Marketing Asset Management to the Local Marketing Platform makes it possible not only to download the right assets, but also to use them directly for the production and creation of marketing materials. In the platform, the images, logos and graphics can be selected directly in the templates. This makes the consistent creation of marketing materials even easier.

Direct use of assets

The continuous use of the same images or image elements makes a consistent visual language clear. This underlines the brand communication in addition to the rest of the corporate design guidelines. In this way, your partners' content is perceived as part of your company and your brand.

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