Local Marketing Platform
The all-in-one solution for successful partner* marketing

The Local Marketing Platform offers your partners a modern interface to individualize, order or directly book advertising and marketing materials. Its intuitive user guidance makes the implementation of successful marketing campaigns child's play.

Local Marketing Platform - the all-in-one solution for successful partner* marketing
Cross-media marketing thanks to the Local Marketing Platform

Cross-media marketing thanks to the Local Marketing Platform

Offer your partners the opportunity to carry out a wide range of advertising measures via the Local Marketing Platform. Central campaigns can be adapted to the local target group thanks to the customizable templates. Your local partners can create mailings and print products, book online advertising or fill out their profiles on social media themselves without any prior knowledge. This provides the ideal basis for a cross-media marketing mix in local marketing.

Measure and optimize partner* success

In order to support local partners as individually as possible and to advertise in a targeted manner, the Local Marketing Platform offers an integrated analysis area. Here, the success and use of the individual partners can be analyzed and tracked. This data can be used in the future to make strategic decisions about new advertising campaigns.

Measure and optimize partner* success
Integration of service partners

Easy integration of service providers

The integration and connection of service providers enables a particularly fast and effective production of advertising measures. In this way, print products can be produced directly through the connection to the desired print shops, online banners can be booked and published directly and even out-of-home products such as large-format posters can be booked, printed and hung up. This possibility of integrating service providers allows for a smooth and fast process in order to make local marketing particularly effective.

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Module overview

Local Brand X Marketingportal

Local Marketing Platform

The all-in-one solution for successful partner* marketing

Local Brand X Marketingportal Print.X


Have print materials ready for every use case

Local Brand X Marketingportal Online.X


Use the endless possibilities of the web purposefully

Local Brand X Marketingportal Social Media.X

Social Media.X

Reach target groups on social media channels

Local Brand X Marketingportal Video.X


Emotionalize content with moving images like no other medium

Local Brand X Marketingportal


Easily connect service providers or third-party systems

Advantages of a Local Marketing Platform

From the perspective of the marketing department

  • Central control and maintenance of all advertising measures and marketing materials
  • Secure compliance with the corporate design-compliant Brand appearance
  • Transparency of the activities and marketing success of the partners
  • Cost and time savings through integrated, automated processes

From the perspective of the partners

  • Web-based platform for retrieval and creation of marketing material
  • Flexible adaptation of advertising and marketing measures with a simple editor
  • Recommendation of advertising campaigns for individual situations
  • Support in increasing local visibility

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Was ist eine Local Marketing Plattform

Was ist eine Local Marketing Plattform?

In diesem Video erklären wir die Herausforderungen im Marketing mit Vertriebs- und Absatzpartnern und zeigen die Funktionen der Local Marketing Plattform.

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