Local marketing for your insurance brokers and locations

Strengthen your company's local brand presence by equipping your brokers and locations with customized marketing materials. Would you like to present a uniform brand image despite having a large number of insurance partners*?

It's easier than you think! An insurance marketing system provides the ideal platform for all aspects of insurance marketing.


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The most common challenges in insurance marketing

Insurance companies and organizations face a number of marketing challenges, particularly due to their broad product range and the large number of brokers, agencies and locations. The need to always have a local presence for the customer does not make it easy to establish a uniform brand image and at the same time respond to local circumstances and needs. In addition, brokers often offer products from different insurance companies, which makes it difficult to maintain a uniform brand identity. Furthermore, insurance companies have to comply with regulatory requirements, which requires additional complexity and marketing efforts. From our work with a number of insurance companies, we have identified the most common challenges in insurance marketing:

Boost awareness and maintain image

Increasing brand awareness and maintaining the brand image are key challenges for insurance companies. Due to the large number of insurance products, brokers and locations, it is a real art to find the balance between local presence and a clear, uniform brand image. However, this balance is crucial to gaining customer trust and strengthening branding in the long term.

Understanding regulations and communicating them correctly

Another major task is not only to offer a wide range of insurance products, but also to ensure that individual brokers have the necessary know-how to deal with complex rules and regulations. Communicating this expertise is vital to ensure that the local target group receives the right advice and that confidence in the products and services is strengthened.

Breaking new ground with new media

This is about spicing up the marketing mix! The constant evolution of marketing requires the integration of new marketing channels and media, especially in the combination of different marketing channels (cross-media) and online. The challenge lies in combining traditional methods with digital strategies to achieve effective reach. It is particularly important to use different media channels in order to target messages to different target groups.


Gaining the trust of local customers

In insurance marketing, it is very important to build and maintain long-term customer relationships. At the same time, you need to adapt to local conditions and requirements. It is important to understand the individual needs and challenges of customers and to respond to them appropriately without losing sight of the company's overarching brand strategy.

Optimize insurance marketing now

If the above insurance marketing challenges sound familiar, you've probably already spent a lot of time and money optimizing your individual marketing channels to better support your brokers in local marketing. Maybe you've even spent a lot of money on marketing agency support? You've probably found that this has only made your insurance marketing more complicated and inefficient, and your brokers are still dependent on your support.


It doesn't have to be like this! 

With insurance marketing software, you can overcome the challenges and support your insurance partners* and brokers in local marketing in a simple way. You can use a single platform to provide your brokers with the marketing materials they need, optimize internal workflows and processes and work together on local marketing success.

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An insurance marketing system enables you to ...

  • provide editable marketing materials for your insurance brokers
  • build corporate design-compliant marketing across all locations
  • analyze and evaluate the marketing activities of your local agencies in detail
  • save time by relieving the central marketing department
  • reduce costs through the more efficient use of marketing resources
  • enable varied, local and cross-media marketing for all insurance partners*

With the help of the Local Marketing Platform, you can support your brokers and agencies in the creation of marketing materials and the implementation of cross-media marketing campaigns. Using ready-made templates, your brokers can quickly and easily customize and order advertising material that conforms to your corporate design. This allows you to reduce coordination loops and ensure a uniform brand image at all locations.

These companies have already optimized their insurance marketing with us


By using the Local Marketing Platform, LVM-Versicherung has been setting an example for successful cooperation with its own brokers for years. The insurance company attaches particular importance to reliability and ensures a uniform brand presence at all locations with the template-based creation of marketing material.

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With the Local Marketing Platform, HanseMerkur Versicherung has significantly optimized the production and dispatch of its advertising material to sales partners* and made it more efficient. By eliminating some of the creation and coordination processes, the administrative effort has been greatly reduced.

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Concordia Versicherungs-Gesellschaft offers its sales partners* a wide range of marketing materials that they can use for local marketing. For example, they can independently design individualized social media ads or select suitable marketing measures from a wide range of print advertising materials.

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