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With more than 50,000 satisfied users, Local Brand X offers marketing management solutions in a wide range of industries - see how our customers are already benefiting and why they chose Local Brand X.

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With the use of the Local Marketing Platform, HanseMerkur Versicherung sets an example for successful cooperation with its own partners. The insurance group attaches particular importance to reliability and consistency and ensures a consistent and uniform brand presence at all locations with the template-based creation of marketing material.

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With the Local Marketing Platform, the fitbox franchise supports over 80 EMS fitness studios in Germany and Austria in creating and ordering (individualized) marketing materials. By using the platform, marketing processes could be automated and the head office significantly relieved.

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Fitbox Headquarter
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As a decentralized, international company, BayWa AG employs more than 18,000 people in the fields of agriculture, building materials and energy. By optimizing the marketing processes with the Local Marketing Platform, the company can significantly save time and money on the production of marketing materials and print products.

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Customer feedback

Logo Hansemerkur Customer
The Local Marketing Platform has proven itself as a marketing center for our more than 2,000 insurance agents. The system allows us to centralize and standardize the production of advertising materials nationwide.
Sandra Franz Hansemerkur Customer

Sandra Franz

Advertising Manager

fitbox Logo Customer
With LBX we have finally found the solution we have always dreamed of: a uniform marketing platform on which our almost 90 franchise partners can adapt and order any imaginable advertising and marketing material around the clock according to their needs. And that with a high degree of automation, which enormously relieves our graphics department.
Björn Schultheiss fitbox Customer

Dr. Björn Schultheiss

CMO & Co-Founder

Baywa Logo Customer
By using the Local Marketing Platform, we can save enormous amounts of time and money in the creation and production of marketing measures. In addition, we have a holistic overview of all orders from our corporate divisions.
Susanne Geyer Customer

Susanne Geyer

IT Project Manager

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