Many different franchise partners and branches in different locations make the communication and marketing of a franchise company a challenge. The platform therefore offers the solution for your marketing communication.

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The Local Marketing Platform for franchise companies

Anyone who wants to lead their company to the top for a long time in an increasingly competitive market knows about the advantages of a franchise company. Customers know what they can expect from a particular product or supplier, uniform quality standards and the spread of their own brand are at the forefront. As a result, franchise companies operate in a strong growth market where it is important to exploit the market potential and help their own brand achieve the best possible reputation.

However, it should not be forgotten that the uniform standard that customers expect from franchise companies must be provided by both the company and the franchisees. Especially in marketing campaigns, it is essential that the partners are supported in advertising measures and that potential customers are reached in a target group-specific manner. But not every franchisee is a marketing professional - in this case a Local Marketing Platform can help. The system ensures that convincing marketing measures can be locally adapted and optimally played out.

Workflow with the local marketing platform

Workflow with the Local Marketing Platform Franchise

Advantages for franchise companies

From the perspective of the marketing department

  • Central control and maintenance of all advertising media and measures
  • Secure compliance with the corporate design-compliant brand appearance
  • Transparency in the activities of sales partners through reporting
  • Significant cost savings through short distances and relief of the central department

From the franchisee's perspective

  • Control of all measures via a central system
  • Flexible adaptation of the advertising material templates
  • Professionally personalized advertising without prior knowledge
  • Guided booking or order directly via the system

Do you want your partners to be able to fully exploit the marketing potential of your company, while at the same time positioning your brand more strongly locally, or simply saving costs and time?

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Insight into the solution of the franchise industry

Franchise systems in focus

Franchise systems are excellent brand multipliers, which benefit from the proven forms of distribution and the strong brand of a company. However, especially when advertising campaigns are simply taken over by franchise companies and at most aligned with local data, it is important to apply a uniform principle that brings advantages for all parties concerned.


Strong brand management and convincing campaign management

Only if a company builds up a strong brand management, customers can be convinced and retained in the long term. Therefore a secure brand management is the be-all and end-all to keep the value of the franchise company high in the long run. With convincing campaigns, which can be managed across channels, adapted to specific locations and evaluated in detail with the help of the Local Marketing Platform, companies secure their position in the market.


Support franchisees

If marketing strategies, distribution channels and a strong online presence are already in place in a company, it is worthwhile to support franchisees with the knowledge they have. The access of all participants to the Local Marketing Platform makes it possible for franchisees to work with proven campaigns and communication models. In addition, advertising measures can be matched to local address data or location-specific images right up to the last minute and ordered with just a few clicks.


Reach the destination safely

Convincing security standards, which are enforced in the Local Marketing Platform, ensure that data can only be viewed by authorized users within the company. All others are denied access to information. When hosting a marketing platform, care should be taken to ensure that the data center meets the data protection requirements of the DSG-VO (ISO 27001).