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Try the Local Marketing Platform of Local Brand X today and get an impression of a solution that is already used by over 50,000 partners*.

[Translate to eng:] LBX Local Marketing Plattform Kostenlos testen

Test the Local Brand X Local Marketing Plattform now for free

With the demo access to the Local Marketing Platform you will get an overview of a large part of the functionalities, how you can improve your partner* marketing in your company. Register now and start your personal demo version.


  • Short introduction to the Local Marketing Platform
  • Free demo access
  • Use of the complete range of functions without booking functions
  • No installation necessary


A selection of our customers

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Get to know the Local Brand X Demo Portal

Discover the benefits of the Local Marketing Platform and click through the different sections.


Provide and individualize marketing measures

Click through our live editor and edit sample articles. See how easy it is for your partners** to create custom marketing pieces while maintaining your company's corporate design. Whether it's vehicle advertising, flyers, videos or social media ads.

[Translate to eng:] Marketingmaßnahmen bereitstellen und individualisieren
[Translate to eng:] Marketingkampagnen planen und durchführen

Plan & execute marketing campaigns

Discover how you can use the Local Marketing Platform to plan consistent and cross-partner* campaigns. By using the campaign planner, you can define different marketing focuses and populate them with individual measures. In addition, you can test how campaign pages are set up and provide them with suitable article packages. Your partners** can participate in holistic campaigns with just a few clicks, adapt them to local conditions, and order or book them directly.


Uniform brand management

In the Brand Management section, you will discover how you can provide your partners** not only with their own corporate design, but also with a media library and important do's and don'ts. This makes local partner marketing with a uniform brand image child's play. 

[Translate to eng:] Einheitliches Brandmanagement