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The right system for many industries - a marketing portal

Many industries are facing great challenges today. Increasing demands on data security and IT, general cost pressure or the optimization of basic business processes - all these have to be mastered. This makes it all the more important to find a suitable marketing solution that can be smoothly integrated into existing processes.

Insurance industry marketing portal


In our digital age, insurance companies have to prove themselves in a highly competitive market. The competition is always present with convincing online presences, InsurTechs and new business models present the industry with new challenges. Now is the time to strengthen your brand, to adapt your company's online and offline presence to changing conditions, and to offer your customers a personalized, compelling service.

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Banking industry marketing portal


The financial sector is a highly competitive field. In addition to new players, some of whom are international, competing for customers' favor, the comparability of providers via the Internet has a negative impact on brand loyalty: With just a few clicks, those who are not one hundred percent satisfied switch to the competition. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that the adaptation to digitalization is still one of the most important goals in many companies.

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Franchise industry marketing portal


Anyone who wants to lead their company to the top for a long time in an increasingly competitive market knows about the advantages that a franchise company brings with it. Customers know what they can expect from a certain product or supplier, uniform quality standards and the spread of their own brand are the key factors. This enables franchise companies to operate in a strong growth market, where it is important to exploit the market potential and help their own brand to achieve the best possible reputation.

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Trading industry marketing portal


The retail sector has faced constant change in recent years. More and more owner-managed businesses are disappearing from the cityscape. In addition, the increase in online trade and the presence of market giants such as Amazon are making it increasingly difficult even for larger players to retain customers in the long term. It is therefore all the more important for companies to enrich the shopping experience of their customers through strong storytelling in such a way that identification with the brand increases, shopping becomes an experience and the way into the retail trade is perceived as enrichment and not as a burden.

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Automobile industry marketing portal


The automotive industry is undergoing a period of international upheaval as eMobility, autonomous driving and numerous other innovations are changing the market. It is therefore important for companies to concentrate their resources on more than the production of means of transport. Environmentally friendly solutions for new top performances, resource-saving production methods and a high degree of creativity are changing the demands that customers place on companies, but also on companies themselves.

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