Increase partner activity

Motivate your partners* to use the Local Marketing Platform to their own advantage by rewarding particularly active partners*, offering assistance in planning and providing partners* with advice and support.

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Advertising subsidy

Empower your partners* not only by making the marketing measures available, but also support them with advertising allowances and discounts. Make it even easier for your partners* to directly implement and roll out the campaigns you create - the more attractive your campaigns and measures are for your partners*, the higher the engagement.


Motivate partners*
Advertising allowances and discounts, which are tied to the success of the individual partner, can lead to partners* engaging in particularly effective marketing. Thus, the incentives provide financial incentives and motivation.
Enable more marketing
The financial support of the partners* enables them to book and carry out more marketing measures. Thus, even partners* with a smaller advertising budget can carry out measures and drive local marketing.
Highlight special measures
If you subsidize only one specific measure with an advertising grant, you can make it more popular. This way, low-cost versions can lead to your partners* trying out new forms of advertising without taking financial risks.

Marketing portfolio and planning

Create locally adaptable marketing campaigns and make them available to your partners* via our Local Marketing Platform. By delivering predictable and measurable cross-media marketing campaigns, you strengthen communication with your local partners* and lead them to higher visibility and success on the ground.


Overall campaign plans

Provide your partners* with an overarching campaign plan (e.g. for the next year). partners* can use this company-wide plan as a guide and define their own marketing priorities. In this way, the marketing activities of the individual partners* fit together and result in a uniform company-wide brand image.



Cross-media advertising measures for your partners*

Via the Local Marketing Platform, you can provide your partners* with a variety of advertising measures from the "Print", "Online", Social Media" and "Video" channels. The individual measures can then be customized and produced or published directly by your partners*. Develop campaigns that enable your partners* to reach their customers in the best possible way.


Partner Support

When working with a large number of different local partners*, you will usually also encounter different levels of marketing expertise on the part of the partners*. That's why it's especially important to give partners* the best possible support and help them with their local marketing projects.


Campaign pages allow you to show your partners* the purpose of individual campaigns. By providing a wide variety of campaigns, your partners* can independently select which campaign best suits their personal situation. Via personal contact (via chat or telephone), your partners* can also receive individual advice.


You can build a complete knowledge platform for your partners* in the Local Marketing Platform. These guidelines, FAQ pages or step-by-step instructions provide your partners* with exactly the information they need to carry out successful local marketing. The partners* can thus access the complete knowledge about local marketing, the measures and the Local Marketing Platform in one central place and use it directly.


In addition to the fixed information pages, you can also provide your partners* with information via the message center. For example, send information messages about new marketing measures or remind your partners* if certain campaigns have not yet been carried out. You can also use these messages to focus on specific measures and articles.


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Was ist eine Local Marketing Plattform?

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