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In HR, the Local Marketing Platform helps you support your partners* not only in HR marketing, but also in recruiting and employer branding.


The Local Marketing Platform in everyday HR

When working with a large number of local partners*, it is not only marketing and sales activities that can become a challenge. For the implementation and organization of a decentralized (sales) model, it also makes sense to support the partners* holistically and thus also in the search and recruitment of new employees.  

With the Local Marketing Platform, you can support your partners* in advertising vacancies within the company and recruiting new employees, as well as working towards the positive and lasting employer image of the brand with the right personnel marketing and employer branding.

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Local Brand X hilft Ihnen, Ihre Partner im Personalmarketing zu unterstützen

4 reasons for the Local Marketing Platform


1. Strengthening the employer image and presence

By using unified HR marketing efforts across multiple locations and partners*, a consistent brand image is established and greater overall awareness is gained. The joint and cross-regional HR campaigns can have a greater impact on brand and company awareness than independent local actions by individual partners*. This can strengthen not only the partners* in local HR, but also the general employer image.


2. Time and location independent use

Another advantage of the Local Marketing Platform is that the system does not need to be installed locally on users' computers. Thus, all local partners* can access the application easily and without further problems. This means that all local partners* can access the system directly and work on local personnel marketing without any further barriers to entry.


3. Personnel marketing overview

The analytics functions in the Local Marketing Platform enable the HR marketing activities of all partners* and users in the company to be overviewed and evaluated. Thus, it offers the central HR department the possibility to react easily and immediately to orders and actions and, if necessary, to contact the individual responsible persons and provide specific assistance. The improved evaluation and general overview also help in the planning of future HR marketing campaigns.


4. Fast Time-to-Partner

The use of Local Brand X's Local Marketing Platform also helps to simplify the day-to-day work of marketing and personnel marketing. Through the Local Marketing Platform, templates and content can be shared with partners* immediately. Working with marketing templates also leads to fewer correction loops and a faster time-to-partner or time-to-market.

Frequently Asked Questions

All four modules in the Local Marketing Platform are suitable for personnel marketing. Digital forms of advertising in particular, such as a career website, social media content, and specially created videos, can provide a good insight into the company and the brand. So it's best to provide your partners* with as broad a marketing palette as possible with articles for recruitment marketing and employer branding. If you only want to start with one area for now, we would recommend them social media posts and ads that can be published on Facebook or Instagram with just a few clicks.

Similar to general local marketing, it is also beneficial for you in the HR department if your partners* have a consistent brand image. With additional marketing content that focuses more on recruiting, employer benefits, and the work environment, they can not only strengthen the employer brand, but also reach new applicants and employees. The maintenance of the platform can be done by HR.

In addition to the marketing measures, the Local Marketing Platform also offers the possibility to analyze and evaluate the activities of your partners* in the integrated analysis area. As an administrator, you can see all the orders and activities that your partners* have carried out and can quickly get an overview of which personnel measures are being used in the personnel area. Your partners* also have the option of viewing performance indicators such as likes, impressions and shares directly in the Local Marketing Platform, e.g. for social media measures.