Optimize your partner sales

The Local Marketing Platform can support you in providing your partners with marketing materials and in strengthening indirect sales. Enable your partners to do individual local marketing that also contributes to the brand identity.

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Optimize your partner sales

The local marketing platform supports you in your sales challenges

Especially in companies with an indirect sales model or a large partner network, it is often difficult to adequately address the local partners. Due to the many different locations, your partners and / or your field service are often difficult to reach. Without the necessary contact and continuous exchange with your partners, it will also be difficult to motivate them to take part in marketing campaigns and sales promotions. This leads to fewer sales and thus worse sales figures than would actually be possible. In addition to the challenges of spatial distance and the motivation of the partners, the partners' marketing knowledge can also be a challenge. The measures will only be successful if the partners know how to use and use the marketing channels correctly.

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Local Brand X helps you to support your sales department in local marketing

All partners united on one platform

All partners united on one platform

By using the Local Marketing Platform, you can combine all your partners and sales representatives on one platform and provide them with information, content and marketing campaigns together. This not only simplifies the implementation of actions, but also communication.


Ideal cooperation with the "sales force"

Ideal cooperation with the sales force

The location-dependent distribution of the sales force makes it difficult to care for and reach every single person in the best possible way. Using the local marketing platform, all sales representatives can be looked after and supplied with marketing materials.


Provide sales documents (also as holistic campaigns)

Provide sales documents (also as holistic campaigns)

The platform offers the possibility not only of making individual marketing and sales documents available, but also of making them editable. This means that each partner can adapt the documents to their regional target group. The individual contents can also be organized and summarized in campaigns.


More sales and distribution opportunities through better local marketing

More sales and distribution opportunities through better local marketing

Using the many cross-media and local options, your partners can put together individual and efficient local marketing. More customers and interested parties can be reached through the versatile channels and thus better sales figures and greater sales success can be made possible.


4 reasons for the local marketing platform

1. Integration of all sales partners

Sales managers like to opt for the local marketing platform, as all their partners can be combined in the system. This enables simple and direct collaboration between head office and partners. Thanks to the common platform, not only templates and content, but also information and messages can be passed on to the partners.

2. Faster time-to-partner

The platform allows sales to approach partners quickly and directly. Where several steps, approval loops and corrections are necessary in classic sales processes, the local marketing platform and template-based work can create a simpler and faster workflow. This creates a faster time-to-partner, which in turn means that sales campaigns can be implemented more efficiently.

3. Better sales motivation

When working with many (independent) local partners, it is particularly important to induce them to take part in sales and marketing campaigns. Through the close exchange and the opportunity to inform the partners directly about new campaigns and measures, the partners can be additionally motivated and reminded. In addition, the head office can provide the sales partners with grants and discounts, which serve as further partner motivation.

4. Better overview of sales campaigns

Another reason for using the Local Marketing Platform is the overview and possible analysis of local sales and marketing campaigns. The sales managers at headquarters can use the platform to see exactly which actions are being carried out by their local partners. In this way, it can be determined without additional inquiries and surveys in which areas or with which partners more support is needed and which actions are already going particularly well.

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The Local Marketing Platform has proven itself as a marketing center for our more than 2,000 insurance agents. The system allows us to centralize and standardize the production of advertising materials nationwide.
Sandra Franz

Sandra Franz

Advertising Manager

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With LBX we have finally found the solution we have always dreamed of: a uniform marketing platform on which our almost 90 franchise partners can adapt and order any imaginable advertising and marketing material around the clock according to their needs. And that with a high degree of automation, which enormously relieves our graphics department.
Björn Schultheiss

Dr. Björn Schultheiss

CMO & Co-Founder

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By using the Local Marketing Platform, we can save enormous amounts of time and money in the creation and production of marketing measures. In addition, we have a holistic overview of all orders from our corporate divisions.
Susanne Geyer

Susanne Geyer

IT Project Manager

Frequently asked questions

The local marketing platform offers a wide range of options to present and advertise your marketing templates. With marketing and campaign planning, you can give your sales partners guidelines for the entire marketing year, which make the implementation and implementation of local marketing as easy as possible. In addition, the platform allows you to distribute advertising subsidies based on discounts and credits and to motivate your partners additionally.

By bringing together those responsible for sales and marketing on a common platform, a better overview of the individual actions, goals and processes can be created. The constant exchange enables both sides to understand how important each other's work is for their own success. In this way, the departments can support each other better and work together towards the goal of brand success.

The use of the local marketing platform does not require any prior knowledge. The very user-friendly interface is designed in such a way that most of the processing and booking steps can be carried out without an introduction or explanation. People who also work with computer programs and web applications in their other everyday lives should have no problems using the Local Marketing Platform. However, we also offer introductions and explanatory materials for new customers to clarify open questions.

The integrated analysis area makes it possible to have an overview of all orders, bookings and publications. As a sales representative, you can evaluate and analyze your own activities and those of your partners or employees in your region. These insights enable you to optimize future planning, to approach individual people if necessary or to offer discounts and grants.