Optimize your marketing and sales processes

The Local Marketing Platform helps you as a manager to oversee, control and optimize the processes in marketing and sales when interacting with your partners*.

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Optimize your marketing and sales processes

Challenges in working with a partner network

In local marketing with a diverse network of partners*, there are some challenges, especially in coordination and planning. For the implementation of the decentralized sales, an interaction of different departments is necessary, which has to be organized and coordinated by the head office.

In principle, brand and sales success in this form of sales also depends to a large extent on the individual partners* and their campaigns. They are therefore an important success factor for the entire company. Partner loyalty and motivation is therefore a particularly important area for the brand.

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Local Brand X helps you to unite your partners* and your company

Unite everyone involved in one platform

Unite everyone involved in one platform

The Local Marketing Platform offers an interface for the entire partner network. Here you can reach all partners* and participants directly, provide them with content, publish marketing plans and distribute grants.


Centralize all relevant content

Centralize all relevant content

Your partners* can access all relevant content and files on the platform and use them directly for local marketing. Basically, the Local Marketing Platform is also a media database in which any files can be stored.


Template-based work for a uniform brand presence

Template-based work for a uniform brand presence

By using marketing templates, your partners* can carry out uniform (CD-compliant) but individual local marketing. In this way, you can guarantee that a uniform brand image will be maintained and strengthened despite the indirect distribution.


Evaluation options for the management level

Evaluation options for the management level

The integrated analysis area allows you at the management level to have a precise overview of which marketing measures are booked and published by your partners*. These activities can thus be easily evaluated and integrated into future planning and communication with partners*.


4 reasons for the Local Marketing Platform

1. Out-of-the-box tool to start right away

By using the Local Marketing Platform as a software-as-a-service solution, which is made available as a web application, users do not have to install the platform on their own computers, but can simply and directly access it via the browser. This leads to a very location and time-independent way of working and is particularly suitable for companies with partners* at different locations.

2. Easy integration into the existing system landscape

Executives and the management of decentralized companies also like to choose the Local Brand X Local Marketing Platform, as it has an open system architecture. This means that it is possible to keep existing systems that have proven themselves. For example, media databases or CRM systems can be integrated into the platform.

3. Overview of partner activities

The analysis area of ​​the Local Marketing Platform is particularly helpful and important for the management team of companies. The analytics functions allow the activities of all partners* and users in and around the company to be monitored and evaluated. It thus offers managers the opportunity to react quickly and easily to orders and campaigns and, if necessary, to contact the individual responsible.

4. Faster time-to-partner

The use of Local Brand X's Local Marketing Platform also helps to simplify the day-to-day work of managers. Thanks to the integrated messaging functions and the template-based work, new materials and content can be communicated to the local partners* in a simple and straightforward manner. Working with marketing templates also leads to fewer correction loops and a faster time-to-partner or time-to-market.

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The Local Marketing Platform has proven itself as a marketing center for our more than 2,000 insurance agents. The system allows us to centralize and standardize the production of advertising materials nationwide.
Sandra Franz

Sandra Franz

Advertising Manager

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With LBX we have finally found the solution we have always dreamed of: a uniform marketing platform on which our almost 90 franchise partners* can adapt and order any imaginable advertising and marketing material around the clock according to their needs. And that with a high degree of automation, which enormously relieves our graphics department.
Björn Schultheiss

Dr. Björn Schultheiss

CMO & Co-Founder

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By using the Local Marketing Platform, we can save enormous amounts of time and money in the creation and production of marketing measures. In addition, we have a holistic overview of all orders from our corporate divisions.
Susanne Geyer

Susanne Geyer

IT Project Manager

Frequently asked questions

The costs of the Local Marketing Platform are completely dependent on the number of users, the selected areas and the need for additional developments. Send us an inquiry and we will send you our detailed price list.

In order to check which costs can be saved in your company, we recommend carrying out process costing. Please use our whitepaper, which you can download here. We would be happy to assist you with the calculation.

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The use of the Local Marketing Platform is always worthwhile if you have a decentralized corporate structure and a partner network. In these cases, there is usually a large number of manual processes for the approval, creation or distribution of marketing materials and measures. The Local Marketing Platform can simplify and automate these processes, saving you time and money.

For your partners*, too, using the platform is in most cases more efficient than sending a manual request. With the template-based creation of marketing materials, you offer your partners* the opportunity to advertise more individually and help create more. They can also manage financial incentives such as advertising subsidies through the platform.

To get a first impression of our customers, we recommend that you take a closer look at our Success Stories page. If you are particularly interested in a customer or if you would like to speak to a contact person from a comparable company like yours, we can offer to establish contact.