Simple marketing communication for your dealer network


Dealers are the figurehead of your company and they need the best possible support to present the brand optimally at the various locations and win new customers.

With a dealer portal, you create a central platform on which you can provide your dealers with all marketing materials, exchange information with them and work together on the success of the brand.

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The most common challenges in retail marketing

Retail marketing, also known as dealer marketing or retail marketing, poses a number of challenges for companies with decentralized distribution. One difficulty is ensuring a consistent brand message across individual locations. The challenge lies in finding a balance between the uniform brand identity and the individual needs and circumstances of the local target group. Added to this is the coordination and evaluation of the retailers' individual marketing activities. We were able to identify the most common challenges from our collaboration with a number of retail companies:

Facing the digital transformation

Digital progress and the rise of online retail have fundamentally changed retail marketing. Today, you need to compete in an increasingly dynamic environment by constantly changing your strategies. Quick adaptability and the combination of traditional retail channels with online measures are required here in order to address customers on different channels.

Take local conditions into account

For companies with a large network of dealers in different locations, it is essential that you are able to adapt your messages and offers to the specific needs and wishes of local customers. Marketing measures and campaigns must take local conditions into account and arouse interest among the respective local target group.

Overcoming communication hurdles

Communication between you and your retailers is crucial to the success of a coordinated marketing strategy. However, coordination is often very time-consuming and complex, as different levels and players are involved. A clear and efficient communication channel is needed to minimize coordination loops and implement marketing measures promptly.

Communicating marketing know-how

At the manufacturer's marketing headquarters, you need to ensure that local marketing execution meets brand standards while taking into account the individual needs of the local market. However, many retailers do not have the necessary marketing know-how to implement effective advertising strategies or to communicate the brand message appropriately and identify suitable marketing channels.

Optimize retail marketing now

If these dealer marketing challenges sound familiar, you've probably already spent a lot of time and money optimizing your individual marketing channels to better support your dealers in local marketing. Maybe you've even spent a lot of money on marketing agency support? You've probably found that this has only made your local marketing more complicated and inefficient and that your retailers are still dependent on your support.


It doesn't have to be like this! 

Dealer marketing software enables you to overcome the challenges and support your dealers in local marketing in a simple and effective way. Using a single platform, you can provide your dealers at the various locations with the marketing materials they need, improve internal communication and work together on local marketing success.

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A dealer portal enables you to ...

  • centrally manage and maintain all advertising materials and measures in one platform
  • maintain an overview of the marketing activities of your independent retailers
  • ensure that your company's brand image is in line with the corporate design 
  • save time thanks to more efficient marketing processes and fewer coordination loops
  • motivate your dealers to use cross-media marketing materials

With the help of the Local Marketing Platform, you can not only provide marketing materials, but also share entire campaigns and schedules with your retailers. Using ready-made templates in the dealer marketing software, your dealers can quickly and easily customize and order advertising materials that conform to your corporate design. This allows you to reduce coordination loops and ensure a uniform brand image at all locations in your dealer network.

These companies have already optimized their retail marketing with us


As a decentralized, international company, BayWa AG employs more than 18,000 people in the agriculture, building materials and energy sectors. By optimizing its marketing processes with the Local Marketing Platform, the company can make significant cost and time savings in the production of marketing materials and print products.

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As one of the leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles, IVECO is a large international automotive company with thousands of employees, service providers and sales partners*. The Local Marketing Platform allows IVECO dealers to customize and order marketing materials, which strengthens and supports local marketing.

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The Local Marketing Platform offers Pirelli dealers a wide range of options for customizing their marketing products. These range from classic print products such as business cards, large posters or print advertisements to online advertising such as Google ads or Facebook and Instagram posts to customized workwear.

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