IT support for marketing and sales

If your company decides to use new software, there is no way around the support and cooperation with IT. Read here what you should know about the use of the Local Marketing Platform in IT.

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IT support for marketing and sales

The Local Marketing Platform and the challenges for IT

In most cases, the decision to use new software support is not made by the IT department, but in the end it is your responsibility to integrate everything correctly and to provide support if you have any questions or problems. In marketing and sales, most companies use many different service providers and partners*, all of which have to be integrated and connected to the new system. In the IT department, you have to ensure that all processes, orders and bookings continue to function smoothly in the new system. In addition, all existing systems and IT support that will continue to be used in the future should be integrated and linked into the system.

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Local Brand X helps you solve your biggest IT challenges.

Easy integration through SaaS

Easy integration through SaaS

Since the Local Marketing Platform is offered as software-as-a-service, the software solution can be provided in a simple and straightforward manner. Users simply register for the web application with their access data in the browser and can access the platform without installation.


Open system infrastructure and interfaces

Open system infrastructure and interfaces

Thanks to the open eco-system, other systems, such as a DAM, CRM or merchandise management system, can be easily integrated into the Local Marketing Platform using interfaces. The use of data source APIs enables an exchange and data transfer from system to system.


Service provider network and opportunities to integrate your own service providers

Service provider network and opportunities to integrate your own service providers

As a customer and user, you can not only use the Local Brand X platform, but also, if necessary, access the Local Brand X service providers and use them to order or publish advertising measures. However, those who already have long-term service providers at their side can also integrate them and continue to work together.


Secure IT provision

Secure IT provision

Local Brand X offers you guaranteed secure and tested software usage. Our system is ISO-27001 certified and uses data transmission based on modern encryption technologies. In addition, your company data is protected at all times in the best possible way based on the GDPR rules.


4 reasons for the Local Marketing Platform

1. Integration of existing systems

IT managers often advocate the use of the Local Marketing Platform due to the open system architecture. This offers the possibility of connecting the system to existing software solutions in the company. Using APIs, the data from the external systems is imported into the Local Marketing Platform and can be used directly without any barriers. This means particularly little work for the integration on the IT side.

2. The platform is constantly being developed

Due to the provision of the Local Marketing Platform as a software-as-a-service solution and web application, our users always have access to the current status of the system. The platform is updated, revised, improved and expanded every two weeks. For the IT department, this means that technical problems can simply be passed on to Local Brand X. If these are due to the system, they will be fixed as soon as possible with the next updates.

3. Time and location-independent use

Another advantage of the Local Marketing Platform's web application is that the system does not have to be installed locally on the users' computers. This means that all local partners* can access the application easily and without any further problems. For the company's IT departments, this means that there is no additional workload for support in installations or local execution problems.


4. Secure software delivery

Local Brand x guarantees you immediate use of the Local Marketing Platform based on the highest security standards and data security. The Local Marketing Platform is ISO 27001 certified and always processes your (customer) data in accordance with GDPR. This means that you can safely use the platform without hesitation or additional precautions.

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The Local Marketing Platform has proven itself as a marketing center for our more than 2,000 insurance agents. The system allows us to centralize and standardize the production of advertising materials nationwide.
Sandra Franz

Sandra Franz

Advertising Manager

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With LBX we have finally found the solution we have always dreamed of: a uniform marketing platform on which our almost 90 franchise partners* can adapt and order any imaginable advertising and marketing material around the clock according to their needs. And that with a high degree of automation, which enormously relieves our graphics department.
Björn Schultheiss

Dr. Björn Schultheiss

CMO & Co-Founder

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By using the Local Marketing Platform, we can save enormous amounts of time and money in the creation and production of marketing measures. In addition, we have a holistic overview of all orders from our corporate divisions.
Susanne Geyer

Susanne Geyer

IT Project Manager

Frequently asked questions

The basic system of the Local Marketing Platform is ready for you to use after just 48 hours. In addition, individual extensions, additional developments or interfaces, for example to databases or CRM systems, can be made that take a little more time.

Extra requests, such as additional developments, personal adjustments and design requests, can be integrated into the offer right from the start or added later. The developments for this are carried out by Local Brand X and made available to customers. An exchange and cooperation with the local IT department may be required for the necessary interfaces.

The open system architecture and the eco-system make it easy to integrate additional IT systems such as a DAM system, merchandise management systems or similar into the platform. The systems can communicate with one another and exchange data using interfaces and APIs. In addition, service providers such as printing companies or agencies can be connected, who automatically receive orders or updates via the system.

Since the Local Marketing Platform is a software as a service solution that is made available as a web application, all customers and users receive regular updates and optimizations. The system is revised, supplemented and improved every two weeks. So our users are always up to date. In addition, as a customer, you can draw attention to problems or weaknesses and ask the support team for help.

By assigning individual access rights and data transmission on the basis of modern encryption technologies, the security of your company is guaranteed at all times. We rely on an ISO-27001-certified data center and a multi-level security concept.