Advertising cost subsidy:
Financial support & motivation

With the advertising cost allowance add-on, you can provide your partners* with advertising cost allowances in the form of budgets and discount codes and thus support them in their local marketing activities. You can also use the advertising cost subsidies to motivate your partners* to implement new marketing measures or carry out joint co-branding campaigns.

Functions and advantages of the advertising cost subsidy add-on

Types of advertising subsidies

With an advertising cost subsidy, you can provide your partners* with financial support for their local marketing activities. With the Local Marketing Platform add-on, you can allocate advertising cost subsidies as budgets and discount codes or provide applications for subsidies. By using budgets, your partners* receive a credit which they can use in their future orders. The use of discount codes, on the other hand, allows partners* to purchase advertising material or certain items at a discount.

Financial support for your partners*

By offering discounts or providing credit, you can support your partners* not only in terms of content, but also financially. By providing financial support, partners* are encouraged to actively participate in marketing activities and use their own resources. This can lead to higher participation and engagement from the sites or partners* as they realize the benefits of financial support for their own marketing efforts. In addition, you can provide particularly important marketing materials free of charge, almost guaranteeing that they will be used by local partners*.

Subsidies on request

If your partners* are not provided with budgets, you can alternatively work with grant applications. Your partners* can submit individual applications via the Local Marketing Platform. The marketing center can check these and then approve or reject them. Budgets can be booked simultaneously for each application.

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Was ist eine Local Marketing Plattform?

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