Marketing portal

Unite all marketing activities in the company and those of your partners* in one system. In the Local Brand X marketing portal, you can provide your partners* with all relevant information, marketing materials, and campaign and budget plans. Materials can be individualized directly by partners* in the marketing portal and then booked, ordered or downloaded as needed.

More than 50,000 partners* are working together with Local Brand X

You have ...

... many local partners* with their own customers


... no overview of the activities of your partners*


... a large number of cross-media marketing measures


Holistic Marketing Management with Local Brand X

Marketing involves many different sub-areas. From planning and creation to publication and final analysis, many steps have to be taken into account to enable a uniform, coherent brand image. Especially in decentralized companies with many local partners*, a marketing portal can help to support the partners* in the best possible way and make target-oriented local marketing possible. With Local Brand X, you offer your partners* all relevant information and templates on a digital and location-independent platform.


Your marketing portal in four steps

Support from the Local Brand X Customer Success Team


Create own measures and guidelines


Onboarding of your partners* and employees

Carry out successful local marketing


Portal for cross-media marketing

Enable your partners* to use a cross-media marketing mix. In the marketing portal, you can provide templates for a wide variety of advertising formats. Whether classic business cards, social media ads or even personalized videos and websites. With the marketing portal, all partners* can easily and comprehensibly integrate a wide variety of marketing channels.

Processing, ordering and production

The use of templates makes the creation of marketing materials in the portal as easy as pie. No matter what knowledge your partners* have - creating and editing the articles should be no problem thanks to the user-friendly operation. The connected service providers such as printers and booking platforms enable the materials and campaigns to be produced and published directly afterwards.

Time and cost savings

Thanks to the independent creation and ordering of marketing materials by your partners* and the use of standardized templates, there are significantly fewer corrections and approvals on the part of headquarters. This means that you hardly have to process any more manual requests and have significantly more time and money for planning and designing future campaigns.

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