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The right marketing portal solution improves communication between the marketing department and the decentralized partners.


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What is a marketing portal?

As a digital marketing tool, a marketing portal offers numerous opportunities to improve a company's performance. The appropriate marketing portal solution improves communication between the marketing department and the decentralized sales and distribution partners, branch offices or branches. It enables the central control of local marketing campaigns. Compliance with the corporate identity is guaranteed at all levels.

Advertising media can be individualized or personalizeddirectly in the marketing portal and then booked, ordered or downloaded as required. In addition, marketing portals contain numerous reporting options so that the development of the brand can be precisely controlled. These numerous process optimizations also lead to time and cost savings with a marketing portal.

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Why is marketing portal important to your business?

Companies that integrate a marketing portal often notice the positive changes that the marketing portal brings with it after only a short time. The central system saves costs and time, and processes within the company and in cooperation with sales and distribution partners are optimized.

The marketing portal enables integrated operation of the media channels, whether print or online. Advertisements, business stationery, social media, Google AdWords, large-scale outdoor advertising and films can be booked and played directly via the marketing portal. In addition, rental and trade fair articles can be handled via the marketing portal. In addition, the optimal marketing portal solution ensures centralized sales control and great transparency between the individual users.

The 8 biggest advantages with a marketing portal

Integrating a marketing portal facilitates the work of the central marketing department and saves time and money. But there are many more advantages to a marketing portal solution.

  • Reduced workload through division of labour between the marketing centre and the sales units when creating advertising material
  • Significant reduction in production costs due to simple operation when individualising advertising media
  • Increase of decentralized advertising success through the use of individualized advertising media
  • Targeted control of all sales activities through comprehensive reporting
  • Controlled production and publication of advertising material through the use of system-supported approval workflows
  • Automatic assurance of design quality through the use of templates for the individual adaptation of advertising media
  • Location-independent and time-independent access to the 100% web-based marketing portal
  • Permanent overview of orders, releases, stock quantities and much more

Components of a marketing portal

Companies that want to automate the creation of brand-compliant templates for print and online use will benefit from the Web-to-Print and web-to-publish elements offered by marketing portal software. Social media postings and advertisements, websites, but also advertising media such as posters or business cards can be realized quickly and inexpensively in an individualized or personalized way.


A marketing portal brings your company and external partners closer together. Within the portal, a message system can be activated so that a direct exchange between partners or with headquarters via the marketing portal is possible. Your partners can exchange information with each other or even form advertising associations and share costs for orders via the marketing portal.


By providing ready-made campaigns, developing a marketing plan and advertising cost subsidies, a marketing portal makes it possible to optimally support the sales partners. In addition, coordination processes are streamlined because they can be handled directly via the marketing portal.


With a marketing portal, the ordering of advertising materials or promotional items can be handled easily via the integrated shop. Print data is checked directly by the system, which reduces the error rate. When ordering, you decide which service providers are connected to the marketing portal under which conditions.


Which target groups does a marketing portal serve?

Numerous companies benefit from integrating a marketing portal. Nevertheless, there are various industries in which a marketing portal provides special market advantages.

  • Insurances
  • Banks
  • Franchise
  • Retail
  • Automobile
  • Travel
  • Clubs and associations
  • Gastronomy
  • Hotel industry
  • Healthcare

Consolidation with a marketing portal and optimization of coordination processes

A marketing portal supports companies in bundling all marketing-relevant processes. External partners and branches can access all necessary information via the marketing portal and book articles directly via a system. In addition, an exchange between the partners and the company is possible via an integrated messenger in the marketing portal software. This optimizes the coordination processes, which can be evaluated by numerous reporting functions.

What is the difference between a Web-to-Print system, a brand portal and a marketing portal?

The terms Web-to-Print, brand portal and marketing portal are often used in similar contexts. Even though all three terms refer to central online platforms, there are significant differences between the individual offerings.

In the case of Web-to-Print, the focus is on the generation of individual print pieces via a Web-to-Print system. In contrast, a brand portal is used for brand documentation and the provision of assets, thus optimizing coordination processes within the company and in cooperation with external partners. A marketing portal combines these aspects with each other, but at the same time thinks the offer further. Thus, a marketing portal solution covers all decentralized marketing processes in its entirety.

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When is a Local Marketing Platform worthwhile?

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Current trends with a marketing portal

Marketing portal trends
Digitalisation of marketing campaigns

More and more digital marketing campaigns are being implemented in the form of social media postings and advertising or, for example, e-mail campaigns via a marketing portal.

Marketing portal trends

Your partners look for the exchange over the marketing portal with other partners, in order to unite to advertising communities or simply exchange.

Marketing portal trends
Campaign automation

The various campaigns, both digital and offline, are implemented fully automatically on specific occasions (e.g. campaign launch) by the marketing portal.

What are the cost models for a marketing portal?

Marketing portal for purchase
Anyone who decides to buy a marketing portal buys all the licenses needed to use it and can now benefit from the advantages of a marketing portal without any worries. In most cases, the installation of the marketing portal software concerned and employee training are already included in the purchase price. Costs for hosting and maintenance are calculated separately in this model. The respective cost blocks cannot be planned in advance by a company.

Marketing portal for rent (SaaS/Software as a Service)
With many providers, it is possible to obtain a marketing portal via a rental model. The marketing portal software is made available to the company for a monthly rental payment. In this variant, all costs for hosting and maintenance of the booked modules are usually already included. Thus the financial burden is manageable and in the company the work can be planned foresighted with a marketing portal.

Participation via the order volume
Sometimes it is possible to obtain a marketing portal free of charge and in return assure the providers of the marketing portal software a participation in the order volume. In this case, billing is effected by the provider participating in all orders processed via the marketing portal, e.g. for the production of advertising material.

What does a marketing portal solution look like?

A marketing portal can be optimally tailored to the needs of your company. The basis of a marketing portal solution consists of various modules, which can be supplemented as required. In addition to advertising media and media channels, these also include numerous functional enhancements, including the administration of advertising subsidies, marketing planning or reporting.

Social Media Editor Marketingportal

Social media postings and advertisements

Publication of predefined or individual Facebook postings or ads on your own fan page without having to leave the marketing portal. Including comprehensive insight evaluations for complete transparency on the success of individual postings and ads. For Facebook ads, extensive targeting is provided directly via the marketing portal.

Marketing planner and budget planner for campaign management

You use the marketing planner and budget planner to provide your sales and distribution partners, branch offices or branches with the chronological sequence of the respective advertising focuses and the articles they contain in a clear annual plan. You can also manage individual budgets, reminder functions, and your own campaigns.

Marketing- and Buget Planer Marketingportal
Marketingportal Dashboard

Comprehensive reporting for full transparency

With its numerous reporting functions, the marketing portal helps you to gain a transparent overview of the marketing and sales activities of your sales and distribution partners, branches or subsidiaries and to optimally control them.

For which sales models is a marketing portal suitable?

Sales partners

Cooperation with external sales partners is greatly simplified by a marketing portal. While a uniform brand presence in terms of corporate identity is maintained, the communication processes of both local and supra-regional partners are simplified. This results in considerable time and cost savings.

Subsidiaries or branches

Companies that rely on a branch system or branches benefit from a marketing portal by ensuring a uniform brand presence. In addition, long coordination processes become superfluous and local requirements can be responded to flexibly.

Franchise systems

With the help of the functions that a marketing portal brings with it, campaigns can be easily reused and adapted in franchise systems. This reduces the workload of the central marketing department and enables customers to be approached locally by specific target groups.


Associations rely on the benefits that joint action brings. A marketing portal continues this idea by bundling all relevant information in one place and making it accessible to all participants. In addition, a marketing portal facilitates planning processes and makes professional marketing possible in a flexible and cost-saving manner.

Overview of frequently asked questions

A marketing portal is a web-based marketing platform that supports the decentralized provision of marketing and advertising measures. Your sales and distribution partners can access the cross-media marketing campaigns at any time and individualize, order or book them directly in a few seconds. Through the marketing portal you support your partners in the implementation of local marketing campaigns that are always CD-compliant and correspond to your branding, and in the resulting increase in local visibility.

You can provide any marketing and advertising measures in a marketing portal that can be individualized and personalized by the users. It does not matter whether it is print (flyers, brochures, etc.), online (Google Ads, banners, newsletters, etc.), social media (postings and advertisements), video (image and product videos, etc.) or out-of-home measures (large-format posters, city and mega-lights, etc.).

The marketing portal is suitable for companies that have a decentralized corporate structure and want to equip sales and distribution partners with marketing and advertising measures. It doesn't matter whether there are 50 or 5,000 partners.

The cost model is based on the number of users and the marketing portal products and functions used. The price includes hosting, maintenance and further development of the system (software-as-a-service). Send us an inquiry and we will send you our price list.

The basic system of the marketing portal is ready for use within 48 hours. Then individual interfaces (e.g. media database, CRM, etc.) can be programmed or additional developments can be made. The customer can then maintain the articles and templates.

By using a profitability calculation, you can evaluate the costs you save compared to a manual process. Please use our whitepaper, which you can download here. We would be happy to assist you with the calculation.

A web-to-print system is a platform that focuses exclusively on the creation and production of print media. As a result, the focus is on the creation of business stationery, POS advertising material or promotional items. With a marketing portal, marketing and advertising measures can be created and booked for any channel. Regardless of whether it is online, social media video or out-of-home marketing (classic and digital).