Individualized video marketing

Stay in the memory with individualized video marketing

Due to the high number of advertisements and advertising content that rains down on consumers every day, companies have to advertise creatively and individually in order to get the attention of the target group. Artificial intelligence, algorithms and the storage of customer data often help to provide tailor-made offers for the user (an app or platform). Through these individualized offers and measures, such as personally addressed newsletters and mailings, personality is becoming more and more important and more and more customers expect a direct approach.
In order to advertise not only personally but also in an extraordinary way, the video personalization in the Local Brand X marketing portal helps. In this function, videos can be created for individual customers and sent directly. In this way, a direct personal exchange with local customers can also be achieved virtually and the most innovative local marketing possible.

Special attention through multimedia address

In general, the use of moving images in local marketing is a good way of drawing additional attention to your own products and the brand. Videos are becoming increasingly popular, especially in the younger target group and through social networks such as Instagram and Facebook. In addition to the many printed advertising materials that rely on text and images, the digital audiovisual marketing materials in particular can score points. Videos offer the opportunity to refer to promotions and offers, to present products and services in detail or to get a general impression of the brand and the company in an image film. The combination of image and sound addresses several senses at the same time. This increases the likelihood that the target group will receive the marketing and the content will be better remembered.

Special address through personalization

This higher level of attention is reinforced by personalization in the video. Addressing customers directly, possibly even by name, is comparatively close to a personal conversation. In times of Corona, when customer contact and personal exchange are comparatively low, such videos can be used to make targeted contact with customers and to replace the exchange at the point of sale in a virtual way. These videos can be used to refer to personalized offers, but also to provide targeted advice and respond to customer requests.

Video customization in local marketing

In order to make such videos possible for your local partners, the Local Brand X marketing portal offers the new video personalization. Various video elements can be individually combined and supplemented by a video recorded in the system. Your partners can record a video for the selected customer using the webcam or directly with their smartphone by addressing the customer directly. This video can be combined with ready-made product and offer videos or an image film. Ultimately, it is also possible to insert an individual tie by storing the contact details of the local partner*. These individually configured videos can be sent or downloaded directly to customers via the marketing portal.
Thus, the function enables your partners to conduct video marketing that is as personal as possible and that is as effective as possible without spending a lot of time and money. Does that sound interesting to you too? Contact us, we will be happy to advise you.


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Nisa Wielvers

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