Digital out-of-home

Digital out-of-home: new forms of outdoor marketing

When you think of modern forms of advertising, you usually think directly of online advertising, social media or other digital forms of marketing. Outdoor advertising or out-of-home marketing is usually forgotten here. Here, too, digitization is progressing and in most cases out-of-home no longer means billboards and advertising pillars. In order to see digital out-of-home marketing, you no longer have to go to Times Square in New York, but in your own city there are usually more displays than printed posters. Whether at the train station, in the shopping center or on the way to work, the displays flash at you in many places.

The development in the out-of-home area

Outdoor marketing has become an increasingly powerful channel in the advertising world in recent years. While other classic forms of advertising such as the newspaper market are declining more and more, out-of-home ways have been found to keep the form of advertising up-to-date and attractive. Outdoor forms of advertising are often accused of being difficult to measure, the target group is diffuse and the wastage is too high. In recent years, therefore, ways have been developed to counteract these problems and to create effective out-of-home opportunities.

Trends in outdoor marketing

Individual content

While targeting and customization is more difficult to implement in public spaces than online or on social media, it is still possible to create a more personalized experience. Current trends show that out-of-home ads can be adapted to the weather or the time of day, for example, and thus attract significantly more attention from viewers. In addition, the content can be perfectly matched to the location of the ad. Even if targeting is not possible in the narrower sense, locations and times of day that correspond to your own target group can be selected in a targeted manner. For example, if you offer services for students, display spaces at universities and their bus stops are particularly successful.

Omni Channel Marketing

Out-of-home marketing also offers a good opportunity to expand your omni-channel strategy and achieve even more awareness. It has been proven that a higher number of touchpoints with a product or brand makes it more likely to be purchased and viewed positively. A good marketing presence not only leads to greater awareness, but also to greater potential sales. Outdoor marketing offers the opportunity to reach a large number of people in their everyday lives and to place the brand name or a product with little effort and cost.

Interactive forms of advertising

Interactive forms of advertising are an effective way to get more people to see and even interact with the ad. It is possible that the viewer connects to Bluetooth and can thus control or call up content in the display. In addition, the use of cameras and image recognition is also possible. This allows the viewer to control the content with their gestures or find themselves in the content shown as a photo or live recording. This means that even simple forms of virtual reality can be made possible.

Ultimately, a creative outdoor digital ad helps build awareness and grabs viewers' attention. Skillful storytelling and/or interactive options allow you to stand out from the crowd and stay in the customer's mind.

Yannik von Local Brand X
Yannik Bockius

Managing Director

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