Potential of your partners in 2021

This is how you develop the potential of your partners in 2021

2021 - the second year in a row that the corona pandemic is troubling us. Adjustments had to be made not only in our private life, but also in marketing. Digitization was given another push and some marketing measures became more relevant than others. This can be a major challenge, especially for local partners, for whom marketing is usually just a sideline. Read here which advertising measures you can use to support your partners in order to be able to operate the most successful local marketing possible.

Enable online presence

Especially if it is not possible to go to a branch for a long time, alternatives have to be found in order not to fall victim to the great online competition. Enable your partners to work online and publish their own content. Nowadays a website is like a digital business card, on which a lot of information and content can be called up. Here your partners can publish content, inform local customers and work on a serious and professional appearance and brand image. The website and landing pages also offer the opportunity to improve local SEO (search engine optimization). The better the ranking on Google and Co, the more customers your partners can generate and address online. In the meantime, it is becoming more and more important not only to publish advertising texts, but also to spread knowledge and answer questions. In this way, the content of your partners can also be played out as a preview and achieve a greater reach even without clicking.

Expand regional visibility

Not only your own website can help to improve the results in search engines. Business directories and paid advertisements (such as Google Ads) also help to attract more attention. Encourage your partners to turn on Google Ads and run local ads. This advertising measure is particularly suitable for your local partners thanks to the possibility of precisely narrowing down the location and certain characteristics of the target group. In addition, local listings, such as Google MyBusiness or other business directories, are important in order to provide customers with information such as opening times, address or contact persons quickly. In addition, your partners can benefit from positive reviews thanks to the evaluation function and exchange ideas directly with customers.

Local social media

In addition to classic online appearances, social media such as Facebook or Instagram are currently among the most popular types of advertising. However, many local partners have great respect for the many settings or only use the platforms to share a photo once a week, which is why usually only a small range can be achieved. In addition, many companies have concerns about letting their local partners maintain their social media channels. Too many different accounts and posts can also have a negative impact on brand image. It is therefore particularly important that you work with your partners on a social media strategy and provide clear corporate design and content guidelines. Once defined, these networks offer your partners a good platform for disseminating content and targeting people as well as placing advertisements.

Don't miss out on events

Even if most face-to-face meetings and events have not been possible since the beginning of the pandemic, you and your partners should not completely do without events. Exchange and personal contact with local customers and interested parties are particularly important in local marketing. Provide your partners with the technical possibilities and framework conditions to also hold digital events such as webinars, presentations or expert talks. Support here with the creation of the content and the technical equipment in order to be close to the customers even in distant times.

Simon von Local Brand X
Simon Hofbauer

Head of Customer Success, Authorized Signatory

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