10 tips for successful local marketing

10 tips for successful local marketing

Not every company is aimed directly at the national or even international market. Even in the globalized world, many companies are increasingly relying on the local market or working with various local and regional partners. The target group that should be addressed by marketing can usually be at least spatially clearly delimited. However, in order to advertise particularly successfully and diversely in the local market, these 10 tips will help you perfect your local marketing:

1. Don't neglect your online presence

The Internet is not only an important advertising platform for the big names in online trading. A company's website is also becoming increasingly important in the local area. Search engines in particular can help you reach even more local customers and lure people to you at the point of sale. A large part of the mobile search queries on Google and Co. are so-called "nearby" searches. On the way, the search is made for branches and shops in the immediate vicinity and the customer journey is partially transferred to the Internet. Only those whose website or information can be found here can be found and get the chance to sell their products / services.

Don't neglect your online presence

2. Use business directories and customer ratings

In order to be listed as well as possible on search engines like Google, not only an SEO-optimized website helps, but also the use of local listings. Local listings are digital business directories in which all relevant information about a business or company is collected. Customers will find contact information such as address, contact person or telephone number, but also useful information such as opening times or customer reviews. These directories and the associated ratings can be used as a positive sign for your own company and should therefore always be maintained and up to date.

3. Proper targeting and personalization

Regardless of whether it is online or offline, an advertising medium is usually only successful if the customer feels addressed. In addition, the right targeting and personalization to your own customer base is an important measure. Only when your customers find themselves in the advertisement will they react to it. Online this is not only possible through the design of the advertising material and the way it is addressed, but also through the correct targeting. Select which groups of people your posts and ads are relevant to and let them view your content. In this way you can specifically determine the advertising audience, distribute the budget correctly and have as little wastage as possible.

4. Use local media

Despite digitization and the advancement of social media, local media are still an important point, especially in marketing. Depending on the target group, you can also reach your customers via the local daily newspaper or the advertising paper. Printed advertisements in these formats can be quickly brought to large local audiences. However, not only the print media are important in the local area. You can also rely on more unusual ways of reaching people, for example by running a commercial in the local cinema or placing ads in the app for the city or region.

5. Advertise cross-media

In general, it is important not only to concentrate your own advertising measures on one platform or medium, but rather to advertise as cross-media as possible. By taking measures on online and offline platforms, you can reach different target groups and age structures and achieve the highest possible level of awareness. It is important to ensure that the various advertising media are coordinated with one another and together contribute to a better brand image. For example, you can draw your customers' attention to you through cross-media campaigns on flyers, stickers, social media or via moving images, etc.

Advertise cross-media

6. Maintain corporate design

It is particularly important to advertise consistently in all measures and to use the same visual language, colors and fonts. In this way, advertisements are visually more uniform and more appealing. All published content on the most diverse platforms thus helps to give your company and the brand a better recognition value.

Maintain corporate design

7. Point of sale

In addition to publications in local media or online, the point of sale, your own business, is and will remain one of the most important places for local marketing. Invest time in your shop and develop a shop concept in which your customers feel comfortable, ideally want to stay and generally like to stop by. Feel free to be creative here and bring personality into the ambience. No matter whether you want to experience your products or the brand, install a small coffee bar or score points with the latest technology. There are no limits to the design in order to impress customers and enable them to have a personal consultation directly at the point of sale.

8. Events

Even if events are still a bit difficult to carry out with the current contact restrictions, do not be afraid to plan them for the future or to carry them out digitally. Increase personal contact through events and address your local audience. Be it through an open party or smaller events for selected customers. With events, you bring the brand to life and are usually remembered by the whole family. Again, you can get as creative as possible and as your budget allows. From smaller lectures to the street food festival with a children's program and a bouncy castle, everything is possible here.

9. Build cooperations

You can benefit from cooperation especially in local marketing. Are you a company with branches or partners at different locations? Use your partners and colleagues and join forces for joint advertising measures and thus reach even more people. In addition, it is ideal, especially in the local environment, to approach other companies or local associations, to facilitate cooperation and to use the synergy effects. You can support the local sports club, take part in regional events and generally integrate more into the cityscape. In this way you use the attention of your surroundings and you can generally achieve greater awareness.

Build cooperations

10. Use software support

Implementing all these different marketing tips for local marketing can be a challenge, especially if you are not responsible for marketing yourself and have to trust your local partners. It helps to provide the partners with the best possible support and to use a software solution. Such Local Marketing Platforms can automate and significantly simplify your marketing process. Provide your partners not only with marketing and budget plans, but also ready-made advertising material and customizable advertising material. Every local partner* can do local marketing in a variety of ways without any previous knowledge, without worrying about the corporate design. In general, with such software support you can not only stand by your partners, but also positively influence the entire brand image.

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