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The cost-saving way to convincing print products is called Web-to-Print.

Web-to-print personalization

What is Web-to-Print?

The web-to-print format is a personal and insightful way to production. Individualization of templates can be carried out digitally regardless of location. The automated, internet-based transmission of print data makes web-to-print solutions easier to print personalized advertising materials and products and streamlines the management and communication processes between your sales partners, branches and the central marketing department. Branch offices can easily customize and print printed products according to their needs without worrying unnecessarily about the right design. Previous knowledge is not true for this, as the preservation of the corporate design is becoming less and less popular with the templates of the brand. A web-to-print shop is terminated exactly on the customer's question and a certain possible ability: posters, flyers or business cards (business equipment) are better self-printed and printed like displays or sales documents. The print documents are still sold in the system and the print shop is processed directly via the tax or via the web-to-print software. This is how you succeed in marketing, corporate design, the rights that are orientated towards you and the customers of the place.

Online editor edit assistant Web-to-Print

Why is Web-to-Print important for your business?

The advantages of web-to-print shops are many. But does a web to print system really fit your needs? When is it really worth investing in web-to-print software?

Web-to-print is advantageous for your brand at the moment if you are interested in successfully managing campaigns for local marketing or marketing automation, which are tailored as precisely as possible to your sales partners, and branches. This can be problematic for a large number of branch offices. Thanks to web-to-print software, partners can simply order printed materials based on their current needs and offer the customer exactly what they need on site. The central marketing department is relieved by these independent personalization options of the products and can use its capacities for larger projects. In addition, the simple creation of printed matter and the direct transmission of the print data to the print shop result in considerable time and cost savings. As a result, web-to-print is not only quick, easy and strengthens the personal responsibility of your employees, but is also reflected in your sales.

Your Top 10 advantages with Web-to-Print

Uncomplicated to use and a streamlining factor in workflow and in-house management - that should bring the optimal Web to Print solution with it. But there are also numerous functions that companies can use to their own advantage through the various application and modification options of web-to-print shops. But how do they look in detail?

  • Clarity and overview through central administration of all valid advertising material and printed matter
  • Immediate update possibility of all advertising material and printed matter through the central server control
  • Print products can be digitally supplemented, changed, switched off, customized and ordered with immediate effect. Enormous cost savings in the production of customized advertising materials and printed matter
  • Significant reduction of the coordination processes and correction loops due to the simple operation when individualizing the printed matter via the system
  • Significant simplification in the supply and management of regionally or internationally distributed points of sale with advertising materials
  • Location-independent and time-independent access to the 100% web-based web-to-print solutions
  • Very good image carrier for the sales staff - a tool that really brings something
  • Defined approval workflows enable system-supported and controlled printing of advertising material in the correct design
  • Relieving your head office and / or marketing department
  • Permanent overview of all activities for printing such as orders, releases, stocks, etc. within the shop

Components in Web-to-Print

For a successful web-to-print solution, the individual components of web to print should be optimally tailored to your own needs.

The layout engine, so to speak the editor, serves to display the text or image information fed in for playback on a screen or print product. The design of the products takes place here. The editor offers various functions, on the one hand, personalized printed matter is adequately displayed in the web-to-print shop. At the same time, the print documents are checked for their feasibility. The design takes place on the basis of provided templates. This means that communication and management can run uniformly for the entire brand.

Online shop
The integrated shop for the various products of the web-to-print enables the uncomplicated ordering of printed matter. Not only is the location of the person who places the order irrelevant, but also the question of whether it is stock items or individualized items. At the same time, numerous regulatory functions such as the management of service providers, releases or user administration can be combined within the shop.

Analysis / controlling
User-friendly reporting tools make it easy to analyze activities in the web-to-print system at any time. Here, companies can monitor the marketing activities of their individual partners / branches: who orders which advertising material when - and who does not? Through the targeted analysis, it is possible to intervene directly and offer assistance and further service where it is needed. It also offers enough data to calculate future expenses in marketing for print products.

For whom is Web-to-Print suitable for?

Web-to-print shops are particularly popular with the management of decentralized companies. Far from the head office and independent of time zones, print products can be ordered using a web-to-print system. This means that field staff can easily produce and reorder printed matter such as business cards or displays according to their needs. There are many industries in which a web-to-print solution can make everyday work easier and enrich it:

  • Insurances
  • Banks
  • Franchise
  • Retail
  • Automobile
  • Travel
  • Clubs and associations
  • Gastronomy
  • Hotel industry
  • Healthcare

Cost and process optimization with Web-to-Print

Inexpensive, fast, easy - all of this is offered by suitable web to print solutions. By using pre-made templates, there is no need for correction loops between the graphics and the marketing department. Processes are streamlined, agreements are superfluous. This means that marketing capacities can be used more efficiently. Thanks to automatic transfers from other systems, address data does not have to be manually entered into the web-to-print system and could be transferred directly to the products, reducing the error rate. Web to print shops also check the quality and design of the print data before it is sent directly to the print shop. This means that advertising is printed efficiently and cost-effectively.

Sample calculation for creating an advertisement with and without a web-to-print system:


ActivityManual (in minutes)Automatic (in minutes)
Inquiry at Marketing / Web-to-Print-System                               15                                        5
Display structure                               60                                      15
Dispatch PDF to client                                 5                                        0
Corrections                               25                                        0
Transfer of final print file to client                                 5                                        0
Printing approval by client                                 5                                        5
Forwarding to publisher/customer                                 5                                        5
Total                             120                                      30
Cost per ad (hourly rate: 70,00 EUR)               140,00 EUR                        35,00 EUR

What is the difference between Web-to-Print and Web-to-Publish?

Web-to-print and web-to-publish are often associated with each other. But what is the difference between the systems? A web to publish system is used to publish content via a central system. It is irrelevant whether it is the design of printed matter, websites or apps. In contrast, web-to-print only converts information fed into the system to printed products. This makes web-to-print a part of web-to-publish.

Current trends in Web-to-Print

Web-to-Print trends

The responsibility for creating the individual printed matter is increasingly being transferred to the user. Templates can be digitally individualized according to the corporate design of the brand and can be automatically ordered within the shop independently of the marketing department.

Web-to-Print trends
Individual file formats

While in the past the focus was solely on printing, these advertising formats are now increasingly being used digitally. Different file formats (e.g. PDF, JPG) can be created using the various functions in the web-to-print system.

Web-to-Print trends
Disproportional scaling

Using disproportional scaling, the user can individually and digitally influence the size of a template within the shop. So z. B. Ads in height and width can be edited as desired. Texts and images are individually scaled and positioned, nevertheless the corporate design of the brand is adhered to in all changes.

Which cost models are available for Web-to-Print systems?

Would you like to integrate web-to-print in your brand? Then choose a cost model based on your calculation.

When you buy a web-to-print system, you purchase all the services offered by the provider with a one-time payment. In addition to the web-to-print program itself, a purchase usually includes other services such as comprehensive service, support, performance checks, employee training and consulting. Buying a web-to-print solution may be the most expensive cost model. But it offers your brand the most comprehensive services.

Rental fee
Some providers allow customers not to buy the licenses of a program at a high price, but to rent them at monthly payments. As a result, the costs of the web-to-print program remain clearer and can be calculated better. However, in the case of long-term rentals, the total monthly contributions may exceed the one-time purchase price.

Participation in order volume
If you participate in the order volume, there are low to no investment costs for the web-to-print system. This is made available to the company by the web-to-print provider. In return, the head office pays a "handling fee" to the provider of the web-to-print system, which is linked to the order volume. The company therefore agrees to allow the web-to-print provider to contribute a small percentage of the turnover of each print that is created when ordering via the system.

What does a Web-to-Print solution look like?

Based on your company's own web-to-print requirements, the scope of a web-to-print system can be easily adjusted. Depending on the requirements, the various elements of web-to-print are tailored to your needs.

Online editor editing wizard Web-to-Print

Online Editor/Edit Wizard

The key feature with the simple and secure editing tool for optimal editing of your documents. The step-by-step assistant accompanies you online by personalizing your printed matter and includes the option of inserting images, text modules and graphics into the template and editing them in a targeted manner. With all of these steps, you don't have to worry about design. With the help of the preview function, you also receive direct feedback for every change.

Connection to partner* network

The key feature for optimal and targeted communication between your sales and sales partner* or branches and the print service providers. Any print service provider can be connected to the marketing portal via the open eco-system and orders and status transmissions can be exchanged online.

Connection to partner network through Web-to-Print
Integrated release workflow in Web-to-Print

Integration of release workflows

The key feature for optimal monitoring and general management of your order processes. The approval process takes place via a central point in the company and thus offers absolute review and control. After a successful check, the job is automatically forwarded to the responsible print service provider or canceled if necessary.

Web-to-Print business models

The design of a suitable web-to-print solution can be very diverse. Nevertheless, different business models can be divided into three categories based on their availability.

License-based (commercial) programs

License-based web-to-print programs are classic software applications that are purchased by companies. With the purchase of the (single) license it is possible to install the program internally. With good support, the web-to-print software can be tailored to individual needs. However, license-based web-to-print solutions can be expensive.

Open source programs

Since open source programs are not sold commercially, they are largely free of charge. As a result, open source web-to-print solutions can be the cheapest way to access the advantages of this technology. However, in order to ensure that all employees can use the program optimally, training costs have to be taken into account. Therefore, open source web-to-print software is particularly useful if the employees have sufficient IT skills and can familiarize themselves with the programs.

SaaS offers

So-called Software as Service offers (SaaS) use cloud programs that are made available online as a web app. Via individual user accounts, employees access the service of a SaaS offer online and regardless of location. Instead of paying a high one-time fee as with a license-based solution, SaaS offers usually rely on lower monthly contributions. Essential for the successful integration of a SaaS offer into the workflow, however, is a consistently existing internet connection of excellent quality, which enables working online.

Übersicht der häufigsten Fragen

Web-to-Print ist eine Technologie, die es Anwendern ermöglicht einfache Anpassungen (Textänderungen, Bildaustausch) an einer Vorlage (Template) vorzunehmen. Über eine Weboberfläche können die Nutzer mittels Editor auf die Vorlagen zugreifen und direkt Individualisierungen und Personalisierungen vornehmen. Diese Technologie kann ausschließlich für Druckstücke (wie Broschüren, Flyer, Plakate usw.) eingesetzt werden, wo eine druckfertige PDF für die Produktion benötigt wird. Über angebundene Dienstleister (Druckereien) kann die fertige Druck-PDF automatisiert an den Dienstleister weitergeleitet werden.

Über Web-to-Print-Systeme können ausschließlich Druckstücke erstellt werden. Beispiele: Visitenkarten, Flyer, Broschüren, Plakate, Mailings, Werbemittel, POS-Material etc

Ein Web-to-Print-System eignet sich für Unternehmen, die ihre Produktion von standardisierten Marketingmaßnahmen automatisieren wollen. Dabei kommt es nicht auf eine spezielle Mitarbeiteranzahl an, sondern wie viele Artikel pro Monat produziert werden und ob diese standardisiert werden können.

Das Kostenmodell basiert auf der Anzahl der User. Im Preis ist das Hosting, die Wartung und die Weiterentwicklung des Systems inkludiert (Software-as-a-Service). Schicken Sie uns gerne eine Anfrage und wir lassen Ihnen unsere Preisliste zukommen.

Das Basissystem des Web-to-Print-Systems ist innerhalb von 48 h einsatzbereit. Anschließend können noch individuelle Schnittstellen (z.B. Mediendatenbank, CRM etc.) programmiert oder Zusatzentwicklungen vorgenommen werden. Anschließend kann der Kunde die Pflege der Artikel und Templates vornehmen.

Durch den Einsatz einer Wirtschaftlichkeitsberechnung können Sie bewerten, welche Kosten Sie, gegenüber eines manuellen Prozesses, sparen. Nutzen Sie dafür gerne unser Whitepaper, dass Sie hier herunterladen können. Gerne unterstützen wir Sie auch bei der Berechnung.

Ein Web-to-Print-System ist eine Plattform, die sich ausschließlich auf die Erstellung und Produktion von Print-Medien konzentriert. Dadurch liegt der Fokus auf der Erstellung von Geschäftsdrucksachen, POS-Werbematerial oder Werbeartikeln. Bei einem Marketingportal können Marketing- und Werbemaßnahmen für beliebige Kanäle erstellt und gebucht werden. Egal ob es sich um Online-, Social Media-Video- oder Out-of-Home-Marketing (klassisch und digital) handelt.

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