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Customize and order template-based print advertising materials directly.


Web2Print personalization

The leading Web2Print solution for local marketing

Today, intelligent and successful marketing relies on personalized customer approach. The leading Web2Print system makes brand management efficient and Web2Print your personal success factor. Personalized documents and materials can be designed and ordered at the touch of a button.

Whether flyers, brochures, sales documents or posters - you have the choice: via a central online platform, all kinds of marketing measures can be created using Web2Print technology. Your employees and sales partners access CD-compliant templates in the system and are able to quickly supply themselves with the materials required for their needs. This saves time and money that can be invested in sales and customer service!

The services

  • Leaner processes due to reduced correction effort and simple work steps
  • Relief of the marketing department from routine processes
  • Ensuring a consistent and CD-compliant brand presence
  • Connection to any print shop possible
  • Automated print job processing including status reports and invoicing
Local Brand X services with web2print

less production time for standard media


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individual interfaces from CRM to SAP

The benefits

Realize personalized marketing efficiently

The Web2Print System is the complete solution for brand management and local marketing. It helps the brand to achieve a consistent appearance and makes it easy to include regional aspects in the communication. That's what our customers also say.

“The Web2Print solution has proven itself as a marketing center in use with our more than 2,000 insurance agents. The system enables us to centralise, personalise and standardise the production of advertising materials throughout Germany. “

Sandra Maas, Advertising Manager / Department Marketing Hansemerkur

The workflows

Simple steps, full transparency with Web2Print

From creation to distribution, the Web2Print system makes your marketing communication more efficient. It enables your employees and sales partners to supply themselves with advertising material and thus relieves the marketing department.

The routes to the production of local and individualized materials are short and time-saving - with cost advantages for all parties involved. Product-related approval processes always ensure an overview for the marketing center.

web2print complete solution

The complete solution for efficient Web2Print

Individual customer approach can be so simple - with a Web2Print system, marketing measures
of all kinds can be localized and personalized via a central online platform.

Whether in the office or in the field, at home or abroad:
The Web2Print solution enables your employees to supply themselves with marketing materials and, if desired, to individualize them with their own contact data, images or text modules.

This has two major advantages: Many coordination processes and time delays are eliminated - this relieves corporate headquarters and the marketing department of routine processes and thus significantly streamlines the ordering process. In addition, all users access CD-compliant templates. This guarantees a uniform appearance of your brand among the target groups and compliance with your design standards.

As a web-based portal with a log-in for all users, it is available at any time and from any location and enables prompt ordering. Precisely defined access rights and release loops protect against misuse. Data security is ensured by a highly available and ISO-27001-certified data center operation. Flexibility is created by the choice between flexible rental models in the cloud or the installation of your own servers in your company.

web2print workflow

The features

Features for efficient brand management and local marketing

web2print editor for personalization

Online editor for personalization

Customized personalized advertising materials can be quickly created by inserting text modules, images and graphics in the online editor, including extensive image processing and conversion options.

  • Convenient personalization
  • Local measures independently controllable

Dynamic templates

The Web2Print system thinks for itself: Advertising material templates can automatically adapt to different output sizes. Cumbersome manual layout changes are a thing of the past.

  • Disproportional scaling
  • Faster processes
Dynamic templates with web2print
E-commerce functions with web2print

Comprehensive E-Commerce and Shop Features

The Web2Print system offers all the functions of a professional online shop: Shipping cost management, loyalty stamp and discount functions, complaint and return processes and much more.

  • Different payment methods
  • Lean ordering system

Open architecture for connecting service providers and third-party systems

Using various standard interfaces, an unlimited number of service providers can be integrated, from the print shop to the letter shop to advertising or large-area booking.

  • Direct connection of service providers
  • Automated print job processing possible
Open architecture with web2print
web2print security and security


Consistent security is guaranteed throughout the entire process thanks to the allocation of individual access rights and data transmission on the basis of modern encryption technologies.

  • Multi-level security concept
  • ISO-27001 certified data center operation

Statistics and reporting tools

With its numerous reporting functions, the Web2Print solution helps you to always keep an overview and to optimally control your marketing and sales activities.

  • All costs at a glance
  • Evaluation of marketing measures
Statistics and reporting with web2print
Digital asset management with web2print

Media and image database can be integrated

A media or image database can be used or specified as a central source for images. This ensures that only CD-compliant images that have been approved by the company in terms of quality and presentation are available for selection.

  • Ensure brand conformity
  • Speed up image searches

Order overview and status mails

The order overview shows all order processes at a glance and makes repeat orders possible with just a few clicks. Status mails confirm the successful order with a personal code and provide perfect feedback, even if external service providers are connected to the system.

  • Transparency over all orders
  • Information on the status of the order
Transparent order overview with web2print
Individual release processes via web2print rules

Release process

To enable decision-makers or budget managers to keep an eye on production costs, limits and approval loops can be individually set up in the Web2Print system.

  • Absolute cost control
  • Individual release loops

Seminar, poster and ad booking

The Web2Print system can do more than personalized media: the management of seminar offerings or the booking of posters or advertisements can also be centrally controlled via the system.

  • Accelerated booking processes
  • Absolute deadline control
Numerous modules for web2print
web2print brochure Local Brand X


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