Download conditions of Local Brand X

Beyond the download conditions of Local Brand X.

1. General

The following conditions for download apply between you and the Local Brand X GmbH, Sophie-Christ-Straße 4, Mainz.

2. Scope of services

The Local Brand X GmbH offers on its website a selection of publications such. White papers, checklists, studies or handouts on our products. After completing the initial download form, you will receive an e-mail to confirm your request (double-opt-in procedure). By activating the confirmation link, a contract is concluded between you and the Local Brand X GmbH and the requested materials will be sent to you by e-mail as a download link. Unless you click on the link, your data will be deleted automatically after 30 days and a contract has not been concluded. You have the right to object to this processing at any time by e-mail to Privacy Policy der Local Brand X GmbH applies.

3. Restrictions

The materials you have received are protected by copyright. All materials enjoy copyright protection. A commercial use of the materials for own purposes is not desired and requires the explicit consent of Local Brand X GmbH.

4. Liability

For damages caused by the receipt of materials, the Local Brand X GmbH is liable for intent and gross negligence in accordance with statutory provisions. The same applies to negligently caused damage from injury to life, limb or health as well as claims. §§ 1, 4 Product Liability Act. In the case of property damage and financial loss caused by negligence, the Local Brand X GmbH liable only in the event of a breach of a material contractual obligation, but the amount limited to foreseeable at contract conclusion and contract typical damages (essential contractual obligations are those whose fulfillment characterizes the contract and on the Customer may trust). However, the liability is limited to five times the value of the materials sent.

5. Term and Termination

If you do not want to receive any information from Local Brand X GmbH, you can terminate the contract formally and without notice by sending us an e-mail to or simply unsubscribing at the end of a mailing.

6. Final provisions

If you are a registered trader or a corporation or an institution under public law, the exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising out of and / or in connection with this contract is Mainz.

As of May 2018