Partner performance

Partner Performance: The success of local partner marketing

In companies with a well-developed sales or sales partner network or decentralized marketing structures, successful cooperation with local partners* is the key to success. The local partners* not only lead to better brand awareness, but also ensure the necessary turnover and the sale of their own products and services. It is therefore particularly important to pull together with your own partners* and to work towards common goals. No matter how good the corporate headquarters' marketing plans and strategies are, without the commitment of the partners*, the project will fail. In order to make cooperation with your own partners* as effective as possible and to achieve good partner performance, it is important to know the activities of the partners*, to evaluate them and use them as a point of reference for improvements, so that the partners* can be constantly motivated to do marketing.

Analyze the activities of the partners*

The first step to better affiliate performance is to keep track of affiliate marketing activities. Regular performance checks enable you to analyze the marketing activities and tasks of your partners*. In the next step, these marketing key figures can be compared with the sales achieved by the individual partners*. This gives you a clear impression of the effectiveness of partner marketing. In addition, these metrics can be used to decide which partners* receive advertising grants and who needs additional support. In addition to the individual partners*, the performance of individual campaigns can also be analyzed and used as a basis for future planning.

Improve collaboration with partners*

In addition to planning future marketing measures, the analysis of partner marketing can also be used to identify problems at an early stage. In decentralized marketing, you work together with your partners* towards an overarching marketing goal. In such a cooperation, it is important to regularly check whether the goals are understandable and feasible for all partners*. In addition, the marketing world is constantly changing due to new media and ever-increasing digitization. In this development, you must also ensure that your partners* know about new trends and have the necessary knowledge to implement new forms of advertising. Through a regular exchange and joint marketing planning, you can pick up the local partners* and fundamentally improve the cooperation.

Partner motivation and ideal cooperation

This means that you can plan your local marketing much better and thus achieve more effective marketing implementation together with your partners*. Through the regular exchange, you can also inform your partners* about new focal points and marketing channels and get suggestions and experience from the local locations. You can also motivate your partners* with advertising cost subsidies and targeted training and contribute to even more effective partner performance.


Daniela von Local Brand X
Daniela Geppert

Marketing Managerin

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