Interview with Eric

Interview with Eric: Reinforcement in the Customer Success Team

Hello Eric! Thank you for taking the time for the interview. Can you introduce yourself?

Hi, I'm Eric Galinski, 31 years old, I'm from Bad Kreuznach and I've been in the Customer Success Team at Local Brand X for almost two months. I've lived in Mainz for over twelve years and I would now describe myself as a Mainzer. I actually only go home when I visit my mum (laughs).

You've been with us for a few weeks now, what was your first impression of Local Brand X?

Pretty professional actually for the company's age. I was quickly familiarized with a wide variety of processes, which were simply super structured. In the interview, Yannik told me a bit about the processes involved in familiarizing yourself with all these systems, processes and knowledge centers. But I didn't expect it to actually work so orderly and smoothly. I'll soon be taking care of my first own customers, so I'm really looking forward to it.

What does your everyday work look like, what do you do all day?

Since I haven't been on board for too long, I'm of course dealing with the Local Marketing Platform as a whole first. I was able to gain experience with marketing portals when I worked in retail marketing for Volkswagen - but I didn't get much insight into the backend. In the course of onboarding, I was given the task of questioning the information in the Knowledge Center and general processes. And there have now been some optimizations that have already been implemented with the developers. Points that improve the system in general, i.e. both the Local Marketing Platform itself and the Knowledge Center.

What additional tasks do you have when you take care of the customers?

I think the customer-specific tasks, which will then hopefully determine my everyday life. So from setting up the system to the further development of advertising measures to customer support and the associated problem solving. Create jour fixe appointments with customers, presentations and reports and inform customers about what's new in our system. I think that will become everyday life.

Have you always wanted to work as a project manager or what was your dream job as a child?

I always wanted to be a police officer. I also applied once, but unfortunately that didn't quite work out and that was the end of it for me. Then it turned out to be studying sports, which I then applied to quite widely, since the prospect of a job was pretty bad due to Corona. In the end I found something pretty quickly and started as an account manager in trade marketing in the automotive industry. Being this interface between customers and the internal departments suits me quite well because of my structured way of working, I would say. I had also applied to Local Brand X as a working student two years ago and had always had a small eye on this company ever since. When this job was posted and I saw myself in it again, I simply applied and it worked relatively well, as you can see.

You said you've had your eye on Local Brand X for a while, what's different here compared to your previous employers?

At my last employer, everything was super distanced. So both by the employees and by the management. Of course it was somehow due to Corona - but you can't compare that at all. It's just super pleasant to work here and you don't have the feeling that you don't get along with anyone at all. That makes the whole working day just super pleasant.

That sounds good. What has been your personal highlight at Local Brand X so far?

The inauguration party was really cool and the pasta Wednesdays are always very relaxed and delicious. But I haven't found a real personal highlight yet.

Thank you Eric for your time and good luck in your future responsibilities here at Local Brand X.

Nisa Wielvers
Nisa Wielvers

Marketing Managerin

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