The right media at hand: digital asset management

The right media at hand: digital asset management

In the course of time, numerous images, documents and other media accumulate in a company, which are used by a wide variety of departments, employees, partners and service providers. With so many digital assets (media) it is difficult to keep an overview and find the right file, especially when employees work in different locations and work on local computers. A digital asset management system (in short: DAM) helps to organize all digital media and make them findable and usable for everyone involved.
If you also want to enable your partners to access the relevant files digitally, regardless of location and time, the digital asset management area in the Local Brand X marketing portal offers an ideal platform. Here your sales and sales partners can access all company media or manage, download or forward their own media directly via email. In addition, the assets can be used directly for the creation of advertising material in the marketing portal.

Everything in one place

With digital asset management, all files and media can be saved and stored in a central location. It is possible not only to manage images or videos, but in principle also all other file types such as. B. ZIP files, PowerPoint presentations or other documents that can usually be converted directly in the system and then downloaded. In this way, all employees and partners can access the content and use it directly for their local work. The central office usually maintains the content, publishes it or distributes rights to who can access the respective assets. However, personal content can also be uploaded by individual users and managed in the platform.

Findable through metadata

In order to maintain an overview in this variety of data, metadata help to structure the assets and to find them easily. These individual “attributes” are either assigned to the individual media by the users or are read directly from the files. Here, keywords related to the content, uses and technical data such as size, format or license date are saved. Using this information, the correct document or file for the planned work step can be found without a large search. For example, your partners can simply download content elements such as image images or logos and use them directly for local marketing.

Integrated digital asset management

The digital asset management system is fully integrated into the marketing portal. The assets and data stored online can be used directly for the creation and ordering of marketing materials and all work steps can be carried out on one system interface. If a media database already exists, it can also be connected to the marketing portal using the standardized media API, so that your partners receive a central point of contact for all marketing measures. Thanks to the uniform DAM area, you can manage at any time which media you make available to your partners and in which areas they can continue to be used. If you offer your partners the opportunity to upload their own media, they can be viewed and, if necessary, approved by a test center before they are used for marketing activities. In general, digital asset management offers you the opportunity to easily and efficiently distribute media and make it available to give your partners more freedom in the use and design of advertising media.

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