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Convince on the soundtrack: the audio module

It is often the little things that unconsciously turn a prospect into a customer. Unconscious stimuli can trigger a positive feeling in people, which leads them to feel good and possibly even encourage them to buy. In addition to the clearly recognizable stimuli, such as pictures, videos and advice, the unconscious also play a major role. At the point of sale in particular, the ambience and thus the perceived tones can influence customers.

These tones, or the music at the POS, belong to the field of corporate audios, which tries to influence and ultimately convince the customer on the soundtrack at different levels. To use this form of advertising, the Local Brand X audio module offers the option of making radio spots, telephone announcements and corporate music accessible to local partners and individualizing the content. This means that local marketing can also benefit from this type of advertising.

Why radio advertising is important?

A classic area of ​​corporate audio is radio advertising, which still plays an important role in the digital age. In local marketing in particular, smaller channels can be used to reach a specific and regional target group. The listeners of a radio station are usually a very large, rather heterogeneous group of people. This means that a single spot can be used to reach a large number of different people, all of whom are in the company's local environment. Radio spots are particularly good for increasing general brand awareness and being remembered. Especially through the subconscious consumption of the radio in the car or at home, companies can make it into the everyday life of listeners.

Use music and voice

Not only on the radio, but also in telephone announcements and jingles, voice and sound can increase the memory value. A uniform corporate audio serves as an extension of the corporate design and can remind listeners of a company after just a few tones. These firm ties to tones and jingles lead to a positive brand loyalty that is mostly subconscious. This allows companies to be clearly assigned to certain sound sequences and melodies. In addition, the uniform corporate audio rounds off a professional corporate design by going beyond fonts, images and colors. The use of the individual measures is very versatile. Music, jingles and melodies can be used at trade fairs, at the POS and on social media. Announcements provide customers with the information they need outside of opening hours and bring corporate audio to customers' homes.

Use corporate audio locally

The Local Brand X audio module provides a platform on which you can combine all these individual audio advertising measures and make them accessible to your local partners. Your partners can supplement and individualize the company-wide templates with their own information and offers and order them directly via the system. With just a few clicks, local announcements and commercials are created and can be booked directly and thus distributed. The sound elements created can then be used and reused by the partners on a wide variety of channels. Especially partners without sound and radio experience can use the module to produce corporate audio easily and without much additional effort and use it in local marketing.

Does that sound interesting to you? Contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

Simon von Local Brand X
Simon Hofbauer

Head of Customer Success, Authorized Signatory

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