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With one click in the local search results: Local listings

46 percent of the search queries on Google and Co are inquiries in the direct environment and thus relate to local providers, shops and branches. So search engine optimization is no longer just for big brands, but also smaller companies and especially decentralized brands have to pay more and more attention to a uniform and effective online presence. Another problem, however, is that 82 percent of search queries do not contain a brand, which means that the company should ideally not only be found via the website or the brand name, but also via its own products and services - ideally not only on Google, but also in the integrated navigation system, voice services such as Siri or Alexa and social media.
For this reason, it is important to be listed in the so-called directory portals and to give the most uniform, professional impression possible. However, since it is very difficult for small branches and individual partners to keep an overview, the Local Listings of Local Brand X offers a simple complete solution for your local partners. Here, profile data and images for approx. 60 online directories, map services, voice systems etc. can be managed and reviews can be read and answered directly.

Everything for the search engines

All of this is aimed at showing up in these local, brandless searches and thus generating significantly more contact inquiries and new customers. On the one hand, this is done by creating a profile on the various portals. The more directory portals list the individual partner* and the more uniform, complete and therefore correct the information is, the better the search engines will rate you. On the other hand, through the correct maintenance of ratings and comments. Ideally, companies respond quickly and professionally to all reviews (positive and negative) in order to have a positive impact on the search engine ranking.

A jungle of directories

However, this maintenance of the individual platforms often takes a lot of time and a single person can quickly lose the overview. In the event of changes, such as contact details or opening times, all directories must be updated individually. It is also necessary to regularly check which comments and ratings have been received and whether they should be answered if necessary. This is time-consuming and quickly overwhelming, which means that many minimize their online presence to less large directories such as Google or Facebook.

A lot helps a lot

But the more present a company is online and the more different the platforms are selected, the more potential customers can find one. It is therefore advisable to use the marketing portal, such as that from Local Brand X, to automatically record all important directories. All profile data, contact information and images such as team photos or branch photos will be stored centrally in the marketing portal. The data is automatically transferred to the individual directories. When updating, only the data in the marketing portal need to be changed and all platforms are always up to date. The system also shows which of the more than 60 directories you are currently listed on, how many impressions the profile has and how high the interaction is (click rate). In addition, all reviews can be viewed and answered centrally. So no one has to log in to the individual platforms and no comment can be overlooked.

By booking the local listing, the stored data is uploaded directly to approx. 60 directory portals and your partner* has the opportunity to use all these advantages and see how his local online marketing improves.

Does that sound interesting to you? Contact us, we will be happy to advise you.


Nisa Wielvers
Nisa Wielvers

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