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In general, any means of corporate communication can be described as advertising.
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Nowadays, marketing and advertising offer many, very different ways to approach customers and target groups and convince them of your own products, services and promotions. It is not always easy to choose the right advertising material for the upcoming campaign. In order to keep a cool head, it helps to find out about the various options in advance and then to make the right decision for your own situation. In order to be able to do this, however, it is important to understand what advertising material actually is.

What are advertising media?

In general, any means of corporate communication can be described as advertising. This is the form in which selected advertising content (the advertising message) is brought to the customer via a selected advertising medium or medium. This includes all possible forms of advertising offline and online. In the language of advertising, however, the term advertising material is often used exclusively for promotional items. These are mostly small give-aways, promotional gifts or other items that usually bear the company's logos and are given to customers.

Selection of advertising media

In order to select the right advertising material for the campaign, it is important to think about the objectives. Depending on the planned goal of the campaign, different promotional items can lead to success. Here, you should think about the strategic direction of the campaign in order to know in advance which goal should be pursued. Examples of this would be to draw pure attention to the brand and the company or to advertise a campaign for a specific product. In addition, the selection of promotional items is strongly oriented towards the customer group to be addressed. Media and forms of dissemination must be selected that are received by the people to be addressed. This means that online advertising materials are usually more suitable for a younger target group, whereas printed advertising materials are more suitable for local, older groups of people or for more in-depth information. Other factors influencing the selection are the advertising activities of the competitors, the offer or product that is involved and how much budget can be made available for advertising. After choosing the right promotional item, it is also important to find the right media for distribution. In most cases, it is also advisable to choose a marketing mix that combines different advertising media in order to advertise as successfully as possible.

Types of promotional materials

In order to be able to make the selection, it is also important to get an overview of the possible promotional items. In order to differentiate between the types of advertising media, different categories can be formed that appear useful depending on the objective. For example, the distribution accuracy, the number of people reached or the time used for the advertising medium can be used as decisive criteria. However, the simplest classification is by medium type. A distinction is made here in which areas the advertising material is published. This means that a wide variety of advertising media can be subordinated to each area.
Since all of these industries and corporate structures live from being represented in many different locations, but still want to appear as a uniform brand, it is very important to operate centrally controlled but locally adapted decentralized marketing.

Types of promotional materials


All advertising material that is printed can be found in the print area. This includes all print media such as newspapers and magazines, but also the printing of promotional gifts, give-aways and other products that are usually branded with the company's logo.


The opponent to printing, there are also diverse advertising media in theonline world. Here the internet is used as a platform to place one's own products on the website or on third-party sites. In addition, customers can also be addressed directly by the company through newsletters and social media posts.

Social Media

The appropriate target groups can also be reached in social networks. With social media posts and social media advertising, customers can be addressed at work, on the road and at home.


In order to make the digital advertising space even more appealing, the use of video productions is ideal for many companies. Here, more complex articles and campaigns can be explained in an advertisement and brought to the customer in a lively manner.

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Which advertising media are the most effective?

When choosing the right advertising material, the question of effectiveness is usually in the foreground. Depending on the product, the market or the target group, it is important to choose the right promotional items. For example, for consumer goods, the route via mass media is more suitable in order to achieve the greatest possible reach via print media, radio, TV or cinema. With clearly defined target groups, such as B2B marketing, more specific measures such as mailings, newsletters or banner advertising are more suitable. In addition, one of the most important and most effective distribution channels in local specialist and retail stores is the point of sale. There, advertising material can be passed on to customers directly and spontaneously. Products can be presented directly and promotions and giveaways can be distributed to convince customers spontaneously. Give-aways such as pens or bags with your own logo and additional information can be distributed to customers as promotional items in almost all areas.

Current trends in promotional materials and gifts

Advertising materials - Lifestyle products

Lifestyle products

A particular current trend is the increased focus on vegan, ecological and sustainably produced promotional items. These adapt specifically to the increasingly environmentally friendly way of life of the current time. Food, textiles and other products can be used and branded with the company's logo.

Advertising materials - Personalized textiles

Personalized textiles

Due to the ever advancing digitization, natural and wood products are particularly popular again. They promise the customer a feeling of deceleration and thus offer the opportunity to escape the hectic, digital world for a short time. In this way, you offer companies an advertising medium with a special charm.

Advertising materials - Natural products and wood

Natural products and wood

Due to the advancing digitalization, natural and wood products in particular are once again very popular. They promise customers a feeling of deceleration and thus offer the opportunity to escape the hectic, digital world for a short time.

Advertising materials - Wireless technology

Wireless technology

In contrast, technology is still very popular. In particular, brand new promotional items such as wireless devices can score points with customers. These are, for example, Bluetooth headphones and speakers, but also larger gifts such as wireless charging stations for smartphones, but also USW sticks and other technical aids are popular.

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