Cross-media challenge for insurance companies with a local brand X marketing portal

The cross-media challenge of the insurance industry

A cross-media way of working is mainly characterized by adjusting to the different platforms and preparing the content accordingly. Be it just to write the short and loosely worded text for the social media or to choose the specific image format that a website prescribes. Each publication should be optimally tailored to the platform and target group. These individual requirements can become a major challenge, especially for decentralized companies such as insurance companies. Due to the many local partners*, who all have to market themselves, difficulties can arise in central planning and implementation. Especially in the area of ​​insurance, marketing campaigns must not only be adapted to the form of distribution or the medium, but also individualized and provided with the contact information of the representatives.

Away from manual processes on different platforms

In order to create the advertising materials of the individual insurance agencies and brokers, there are usually many manual processes in the head office. Every advertisement, business card or advertising film must be individually adapted and created. That costs money and, above all, time. Many insurance companies also order products via various platforms. So there are often different online shops for giveaways, print items or office equipment.
A marketing portal connects these different ordering systems with each other and also offers the possibility of integrating the existing service partners*. This means that the local sales partners* can order all the necessary materials with a single sign-on and customize them using templates without having to make another request to the head office. This consolidation simplifies day-to-day work for partners* and headquarters by connecting platforms, information, data volumes and partners* on one portal and making them accessible. This means that the sales partner only has one central point of contact when it comes to marketing and advertising materials.

Transparent and stringent marketing concept

A marketing portal thus enables insurance companies with many branch offices at local level to carry out uniform brand communication. Due to the transparent distribution of promotions and measures, brokers in different locations can easily access the same campaigns and order with just a few clicks. In addition, the uniform marketing platform also leads to consistent compliance with the corporate identity. On the one hand, a marketing portal offers the opportunity to refer extensively to the design guidelines via the brand management area. On the other hand, working with templates makes it possible to make only certain parts of the advertising material individually adaptable and thereby automatically comply with the design specifications.

Quick adaptation to campaign focus

The national marketing and action plan can also be communicated through central control. Especially in the insurance industry, which is strongly influenced by seasonal advertising focuses, the marketing department is often faced with the challenge of communicating the various advertising focuses to all sales partners* and making them usable at the same time. A marketing portal enables the head office to provide all sales partners* with a holistic marketing concept. This leads to a shorter time-to-market and quick and cheaper communication. At the end of the campaigns, it is also easy and quick to take stock by evaluating the success of the measures and advertising materials used internally.
This means that a marketing portal can provide optimal support for local insurance communication and can be used individually to meet cross-media challenges. This leads to uniform, fast and inexpensive marketing communication at all local insurance locations.

If you would like to discover more information about the challenges in the insurance industry and possible improvement approaches, please have a look at the industry solution for insurance.

Simon von Local Brand X
Simon Hofbauer

Head of Customer Success, Authorized Signatory

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