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Bring your advertising content to the road with vehicle lettering

You are on your way to work, shopping or want to visit friends. No matter whether you are traveling by car, tram or bike or maybe just taking a walk. We mostly know the streets around our home and in the region in which we live like the back of our hand. When you leave the house, you are usually directly on the street and in traffic. So why not use this space for local marketing and get your promotional content on the street. This can happen, for example, through digital displays, large-format posters and advertising pillars. However, all of these options are tied to a specific location; you have to decide on a location when creating and booking and select it as effectively as possible. However, when you print your advertising messages on vehicles, the message literally travels through the city with every trip and reaches a large number of people.

Large and changing range

With vehicle lettering you make your advertising messages mobile. You may drive a lot yourself or have sales representatives on the roads. Make additional use of these trips by equipping your own and / or company vehicles with vehicle lettering and doing passive marketing. With a one-time purchase, customers can possibly be reached and addressed for years. The more often a passer-by sees your vehicle, the better the advertising messages will be remembered and the brand image of your company can be shaped in the long term.

Correct implementation counts

When choosing the vehicle lettering, it is important to think about the effect of the advertising. Since it is a one-time purchase that is usually intended to stay on the vehicle for a long period of time, the measure is less suitable for current campaigns and more for image building and general awareness of the brand. Use your corporate identity, the logo and the company colors to use your vehicle ideally as an advertising medium. Also make sure that the texts and contents are easy to read and understand. In traffic, the attention is less focused on the passing cars, only if you can grasp the content in a few seconds, it will be seen by many people. Above all, the font size and legibility (little "flourishes") are an important factor for success. For a little more content, it is also suitable to sit on the rear window, since especially cars that drive behind you can look at this part of the car for a long time and absorb more information.

Vehicle lettering with Local Brand X

If you equip your partners* or your sales force with vehicle lettering and would like to support them in out-of-home marketing, the functions in the Local Brand X Local Marketing Platform are ideal. Here you can create templates for the rear window, bonnet and side doors and make them available to your users. Your partner generates his own stickers via the system and can personalize them as he likes. The dynamic template allows you to choose exactly the right size and adapt it ideally to your own vehicle. The stickers created are forwarded directly to a service provider, printed and delivered to the partners*. In this way, a simple but long-lasting advertising measure can be created within a very short time.

Find out now about other functions or about the use of the marketing platform in general.

Yannik von Local Brand X
Yannik Bockius

Managing Director

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