Targeted target group addressing with social media: social media targeting

Targeted target group addressing with social media: social media targeting

Social media have become more and more important in recent years and have become a particularly popular medium. In general, people nowadays spend a lot of time on the "net" and therefore mostly on social media as well. The platforms are no longer just a place to exchange ideas with social contacts, but companies have also discovered the platforms for themselves in order to place their brand and products there. For marketing in particular, social media are a suitable platform for addressing people and reaching them directly in their private sphere. They offer many opportunities to make contact in an uncomplicated manner and to skillfully position your own brand. The targeted communication and targeting, which allows you to specifically reach the desired target group with your ad, makes social media a special tool in modern marketing. However, since this targeting and the attitudes towards the target group look different on each platform and especially marketing professionals with less previous knowledge of social media are often put off by it, the Local Brand X's Local Marketing Platform offers the possibility of targeting directly in Local Marketing Platform and create and order or place the ad with just a few clicks.

Correct targeting as a guarantee of success

Targeting enables the company to specifically select and address a desired target group. This allows advertisements to be used as efficiently as possible and without wastage. In addition, the direct and targeted orientation can result in the return on investment being significantly higher, more leads and better conversion being generated. In general, the platforms collect data from their users through the profile settings and activity profiles, on the basis of which the target group of an ad can be clearly determined. The advertisers can decide on the basis of socio-demographic factors such as age and gender as well as interests, occupation or even income whether the person is relevant for the advertisement. The selection by location and region also plays a major role and is particularly helpful for local marketing.

Targeting with Local Brand X

Provide publication of Facebook ads. As a marketing center, you have the option of pre-configuring the targeting options for your partners* so that they have as little effort as possible when booking, or you can directly release the targeting for the partners* for processing. In the Local Marketing Platform, the different targeting options of the individual platforms have been standardized, summarized and fully integrated so that everyone is able to select the desired target group. You can independently decide in the administration which options your partners* can adjust (e.g. keywords, age, type of display, etc.) and which of these options are fixed.

Could your partners* benefit from this simple type of social media targeting too? Please contact us, we will be happy to advise you. 


Yannik von Local Brand X
Yannik Bockius

Managing Director

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