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The Digital, First Impression: The Website Module

When looking for a company, a provider for a desired product or service, the first contact is usually made online. Ideally, when researching through search engines such as Google, one ideally comes across the company's website, which is responsible for the first impression of the brand. It should generally provide an overview of all relevant information, the appearance and the culture of the brand. Nevertheless, it is also important to convince at the local level and not just to keep an eye on the entire brand strategy. In many areas, customers are looking for a local branch where they can find out more about the offer on site.

In order to enable your local partners to use the company website in local marketing, the Local Brand X website module offers various building blocks. Entire websites, landing pages and microsites can be created, adapted and activated directly here. In this way, your local partners can benefit from the advantages even with little basic IT knowledge.

The website as the first point of contact for the customer

When using websites, microsites and landing pages in local marketing, the most important thing is to offer customers an information platform on which they can get complete and safe information from you as an expert. The main focus is to provide up-to-date and verified information and thus stand out from other directories or forums. In addition, it offers the possibility not only to show information, but also to show the corporate identity and to present its content consistently and coherently. The company website acts like a digital business card online, which remains in the customer's memory like the real shop window of the branch.

Better searchability through search engine optimization

The website is not only one of the most important digital information sources for the customers themselves, search engines also use this content to classify and evaluate the website for future search queries. Conversely, a good ranking on Google and Co. promises more visitors to the website and more potential customers. So search engine optimization at the local level should not be neglected. Here, microsites and landing pages for certain products and promotions help to generate attention. By consciously optimizing the keywords of these subpages, the desired keywords can be placed in the search engine and the people can be targeted.

Microsites and local marketing

The Local Brand X website module enables your local partners to create their own website, microsite or landing page directly in the system using master templates. With these pages, the local partners can present themselves on the Internet or advertise individual products. Using a modular system, different pages can be put together and filled directly with your own content. The corporate design and the visual language of the brand are maintained at all times by the given master templates. By choosing an available URL, the website can then be viewed, completed and made available online. The published pages can then e.g. be used with campaigns for online banners, Facebook postings or advertisements. The module enables your partners to provide local information on additional pages and to increase personal reach and visibility.

Does that sound interesting to you? Contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

Simon von Local Brand X
Simon Hofbauer

Head of Customer Success, Authorized Signatory

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