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The by-product Radio: radio advertising in local marketing

Whether digital or analog, the radio accompanies many people through their everyday lives. It informs us about the latest news from the first coffee in the morning, provides information on traffic and lightning on the way to work, and facilitates the day with music and entertainment topics.

Radio is everywhere

Often it happens on the side, in the kitchen, in the office, in the shop or even at the hairdresser. Even those who do not actively listen to radio in their environment is constantly confronted with it. As a result, it is almost omnipresent and reaches a large number of people in a wide variety of situations, which makes it interesting for marketing and local advertising.

Radio advertising for local partners*

Especially the local radio, which are available only in a certain region, radio advertising is becoming increasingly popular for local marketing. By broadcasting radio spots, a very large number of people in a region can be reached. This is usually also a rather heterogeneous target group that covers almost the entire society. This is particularly beneficial for local retailers and insurance companies. With just one spot many different people can be reached. Through the presence in the everyday life of the listener, the company, or rather the partner / location becomes more widely known. Thus, not only potential customers are reached, but also worked on the general awareness of the brand.

Convince on the soundtrack

Radio advertising is often more memorable and successful compared to print ads. Through the intermediation of the audio channel, a picture is created in the listener's head and a more convincing impression is created than through pure text. A pleasant speaking voice ensures that the target group can build a personal relationship. In combination with memorable jingles and pieces of music, the advertising message can remain anchored in the memory of the customers for a long time. However, this advantage also offers dangers. By choosing a particularly striking, rather disturbing voice, the image of the company can also be negatively influenced by the commercial.

Radio advertising in decentralized marketing

This can lead to problems, especially for smaller branches and partners*, because sometimes not enough experience or marketing knowledge is available. Thus, especially for decentralized companies radio spots are advantageous, which can be supplemented with an intro or outro. By providing the individual spots from the marketing center, the local partners* can supplement and personalize them with their own data and thus use them quickly and effectively in local marketing. As a result, advertising can also be effectively operated at the regional level, for example in the respective local radio.

Advantages of radio marketing

  • Easily reaching a variety of people
  • Heterogeneous, but regionally limited target group
  • High presence in everyday life of people and accompanying medium
  • Increase brand awareness and positive connotations
  • Expansion of personal relationships through voice
  • High memory value through jingles and music

Simon von Local Brand X
Simon Hofbauer

Head of Customer Success, Authorized Signatory

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