Jule is starting at Local Brand X

IT instead of the hotel industry: Jule is reorienting herself and starting at Local Brand X

Hello Jule! Thank you for taking your time today, can you introduce yourself briefly?

Gladly, I'm Jule, I'm 25 years old, I was born in Hamburg, but I've lived in Munich for the last 21 years. I've been in Mainz since June and am happy about a new city and my new job.

You're still relatively fresh at Local Brand X, what are you responsible for here?

So actually I'm kind of an all-rounder. Mainly, I am initially the management assistant, which means that I take over some of Yannik's tasks or support him in a wide variety of areas. Basically, my subjects are primarily accounting and human resources. I take care of all the bookkeeping, for example entering invoices. Human resources is a big topic, which I am currently familiarizing myself with and which I am getting fit together with Yannik. I've taken several online courses and learned a lot about the subject. And otherwise I just help where help is needed.

You originally come from another area, what made you switch to the IT industry?

Yes, I worked in the hotel industry before, did my apprenticeship there and then continued to work for about a year. After that time, I noticed that I wasn't learning anything more and wanted to reorient myself because of that. I just thought: “Something completely different would also be good!” At first I was ready for something new, which meant that many paths and directions were open to me, but then I found Local Brand X and it all just happened that way.

What does a classic working day at Local Brand X look like for you?

I roll our e-scooter to work in the morning and when I get there, I first check all the emails. I see if we have any new applications and answer them if necessary. Then I check the bills and do my basic tasks. When I'm done, I see what other tasks are open to me and sometimes ask my colleagues if help is needed somewhere.

You already said that you are also responsible for our staff, do you have a good insider tip for future applicants and interested parties?

So in any case don't be excited, that's the first point. I noticed right from the start that everyone here is very open and direct. For example, we are directly on the "Du" and we go straight to a personal level. Also, honesty is very important. Basically, I can only recommend staying yourself and convincing yourself with your own personality, then it will work out fine.

Great thank you. Finally, I would like to know how the new beginning in Mainz was for you. You're not only new to Local Brand X, you're also new to Mainz, have you settled in well and what do you like best so far?

I live in Neustadt and it is really great. I'm really excited about all the cafes, bars and restaurants that are right around the corner from me. I've also discovered a super cool ice cream shop. Basically I feel very comfortable here and the Rhine is also a big highlight for me.

That makes me happy! Thank you for your time and have a great time in Mainz and at Local Brand X.

Nisa Wielvers
Nisa Wielvers

Marketing Managerin

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