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From Partner* to Customer: The Social Media Module

Social media is nothing new anymore. We all use it in our free time. In the lunch break, you can read the latest entries on Facebook, check pictures on Instagram on the way home, or see colleagues on LinkedIn and Xing. You and your partners have certainly been thinking about the presence of social media in the daily lives of your customers. With the extension "SocialMedia.X" of the marketing portal of Local Brand X, you give your local partners a tool with which they can use the social media simply and purposefully for themselves. Especially a large number of local sales or sales partners makes it difficult to lead a stringent and successful marketing strategy on the social media. Their partners all have different knowledge in the use of social media channels and these are usually constantly evolving.

Publish posts quickly and easily

With the extension "SocialMedia.X" you can suggest templates for suitable contributions to your partners and make them workable. This ensures that each local partner* follows a consistent social media strategy. The image created by the customer is characterized by a stringent corporate design and the appropriate content. Nevertheless, you allow the partners to tailor their contributions to the local audience, e.g. to deposit your own contact information. In this way, you can achieve an ideal mix of individual and local posts and the standardized posting requirements of the head office. The article with text, image and video can be edited, finished and published directly in the marketing portal.

Improve the performance through paid ads

Not only content can you provide to your partners for the use of social media. The use of paid ads on Facebook and Instagram has also become a popular promotional activity, drawing more attention to the company, products and current promotions. However, just these ad creatives can be a big challenge for inexperienced users. The question of the right target group, the right budget and the running time have a major impact on the success of the ad. By posting ads through the Local Brand X marketing portal, you can suggest various packages to your partners, which can target a different size of audience depending on budget needs. Even without in-depth knowledge of ad serving, the budget can be ideally distributed and the most effective ad serving possible. The social media extension makes it easy for you and your partners to use the newer marketing channels quickly and effectively and to approach their customers as directly as possible. Does that sound interesting to you? Contact us, we will gladly advise you.

Simon von Local Brand X
Simon Hofbauer

Head of Customer Success, Authorized Signatory

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