5 Gründe für den Einsatz eines Marketingportals von Local Brand X

5 reasons for using a marketing portal

Marketing departments today face great challenges. The media landscape is developing rapidly and offers new ways almost monthly to promote your own product. But especially in decentralized corporate structures, a lot of time is lost to communicate the new ideas to the individual sales and distribution partners and offer them for individualization. With its marketing portal, Local Brand X offers a way to defy precisely these challenges and openly oppose new ideas. Let's convince you of the following 5 reasons why it makes sense to use a marketing portal:

1. Simple CD-compliant communication

A marketing portal offers the possibility to make new concepts and campaigns directly available to the local partner* and to make them customizable for them. As a result, the same marketing strategy is enforced at all levels. The advertising materials are controlled by the direct processing and the given templates from the head office insofar that a uniform implementation based on the CI can be guaranteed.

2. Significant cost savings

By providing templates not only the correct implementation of the design and the CI is guaranteed, it also results in a cost savings through the shorter processes. The templates allow local partners to access the new marketing materials directly and personalize them for their own use. Costs incurred by the consultation and the separate commissioning at the headquarters, can be completely eliminated online or greatly minimized by the creation.

3. Effective time-to-market

This is accompanied by a significant time savings, especially on the part of the headquarters. The general templates that are made available to the local partners through the marketing portal mean that fewer release and feedback loops need to be scheduled, and significantly less time is spent creating the advertising material. The initial setting of an article is to be estimated as a bit more time consuming, the duplication happens however without additional work expenditure for the central office.
To learn more about time and cost savings, download our whitepaper: LINK

4. More capacity for planning

As a result, the marketing department has significantly more time to plan. As a result, new marketing concepts and campaigns can be developed and then made available on the marketing portal. Greater planning and additional capacities can make a significant contribution to a better marketing success and allow the activities to grow continuously. Thus, a company can orient itself to the latest marketing trends and position itself as a modern partner*.

5. Simple success measurement

In addition to all the benefits and savings of the process and the benefits of the time gained in the future, there is another important reason for choosing a marketing portal: measuring success. The direct order and usage analysis makes it possible to determine at a glance which actions and advertising materials are well received by the partners and whether the desired target group is reached. As a result, the measures can then be better coordinated with their own partners.

Marketing Portals: An all-inclusive package

All in all, marketing portals on many imaginable levels provide a way to simplify the workflow in decentralized marketing. No matter if you are interested in saving time and money, communicate more directly and faster with your partners or spend more time designing and evaluating. A marketing portal offers the right application for all requirements.


Yannik von Local Brand X
Yannik Bockius

Managing Director

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