Everything your sales partners* need for the perfect trade fair equipment

Trade shows remain an excellent opportunity to boost your local visibility, drive sales and attract new customers. Whether you already run an established business or are just diving into the world of local marketing, attending regional trade shows and events offers opportunities that you and your channel partners* shouldn't miss. To make sure you hit the ground running at local trade shows and events, it's critical to properly equip your channel partners*. In this article, we'll turn our attention to indispensable promotional tools that you, as the marketing headquarters, can provide to your sales partners* in order to perfectly prepare your trade show appearance in local marketing.


Creative and professional exhibition stand

First impressions count: Your sales partners*' booth is often the first contact potential customers have with your company. So make sure you provide your sales partners* with a booth that is eye-catching and appealing. Large banners and posters with your logo and your company's key messages, visible from a distance, are great for attracting curious trade show visitors. Likewise, your sales partners* should have the opportunity to present the products and services in an appealing way through a small table or counter at the booth. Bright and well-placed light sources can set the marketing materials optimally in scene. A professional trade fair stand not only ensures that visitors get a good first impression of your brand, but it also helps your sales partners* to feel comfortable at the event and increase their motivation for the trade fair days.


Appealing information and advertising materials

Make sure your distributors have enough informational and promotional materials available on the day of the show to convince prospective customers. Brochures and flyers can contain important information about your company, products and services and are easy to distribute. Make sure that the information material about your products and services is always up-to-date and contains all the important details for reference. To help your sales partners* make some contacts at the trade show, provide them in advance with business cards that have their contact information clear and easy to read. Small promotional gifts (giveaways) such as pens, key chains or notepads with your logo can also ensure that visitors remember your company's stand better later on. For digital presentations or on-site product demonstrations, a presentation screen or projector is also suitable - and for larger trade show booths or noisy environments - speakers and microphones are especially essential.


Last but not least: The right preparation of the stand personnel

Last but not least, your booth staff is of course also crucial for the impression potential customers gain of your company and brand on the day of the trade show. Friendliness and professionalism are key here. Plan in advance which people will be working at the booth and ensure a positive and open atmosphere, for example by providing drinks, snacks or comfortable seating. Also, make sure your local team is well prepared and has sufficient knowledge about your company and products. In order to best prepare for conversations with prospects, it helps your sales partners* to think about the most common questions visitors might have before the show, thus creating a detailed FAQ list. 

As you can see, the perfect trade show setup in local marketing requires careful planning and preparation, and the success of your trade show participation depends on many factors, from the design of your booth to the training of the staff. Through the Local Marketing Platform, you can choose from a wide range of promotional technology and advertising materials that your sales partners* can customize and order independently for regional trade shows. Feel free to ask our team for advice if this sounds interesting to you.

Carolin Klein
Carolin Klein

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