Print is not dead

Print still works today: Why brochures and the like still have a reason to exist

In the digital age, where social life is increasingly playing out on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and co, many marketers are moving away from print to online or digital advertising. Despite the increasing focus on online campaigns, we want to show that print products should not be forgotten and still have a raison d'être. Of course, just printed products are becoming less and less produced and distributed by the increased awareness of waste prevention and recycling. In particular, in the younger target group print products are occasionally rejected, in order not to produce additional paper waste. Nevertheless, advertising materials such as brochures, flyers, business cards and print ads offer advantages that are not available in online advertising formats.

Of Entertainment and Information

Looking at the different worlds that can be found online and offline, a clear difference can be seen. In the online digital world, information should be easy to find and put in a nutshell, so as not to distract attention from the actual goal - entertainment. Especially on social media people are looking for distraction from their lives, they want to entertain and be informed about light topics. However, anyone looking for well-founded information still often resorts to offline or printed sources. Be it books, dictionaries, newspapers or even printed advertising material. The printed form gives them a higher emphasis on depth and information.

Print as generation problem

In addition, older generations and people over 50 with printed products are still best reached. Although the use of the Internet is steadily rising in these age groups as well, the bulk of the information is still being acquired from offline products. This is mainly because much more credibility is attributed to printed content than to digital content. Due to the longer production time, the contents appear better and more carefully selected and thus promise more quality.

The mix makes it

In order to address the most diverse people and a rather broad target group with their advertising measures, it is still advisable to do without complete print advertising. Printed products and ads can be physically stored and viewed many times, providing a much better reminder than digital advertising. True to the motto "out of sight", advertisements that have been received on the internet in particular are often quickly forgotten or completely ignored and clicked away from the outset. Thus, the skillful combination of print and online overall offers the best chances of success. For example, printed brochures and advertisements can be supplemented and linked with further information in a QR code to build the bridge between traditional and modern advertising materials.

Yannik von Local Brand X
Yannik Bockius

Managing Director

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