Portal relaunch: Mecklenburgische Versicherung starts the new year more digitally

Portal relaunch: Mecklenburgische Versicherung starts the new year more digitally

Insurance companies also often notice how difficult it is to work with many local partners* and agencies and still create a uniform image of the products and the insurance for the customer. That is why Mecklenburgische Versicherung decided in 2010 to equip its partners* with the Local Brand X marketing portal. Since then, they have been creating their own marketing materials such as brochures, business cards or large-format posters. In addition, business equipment and everything related to business transactions (e.g. application forms) can be ordered. Over 1000 users have already been integrated into the portal since the system was introduced. They can access over 900 articles and use them for their local marketing. After almost 10 years of use, however, it was time for a relaunch to optimize the portal in some places and to set the course for digitization.

Relaunch: Another step towards digitization

In addition to general optimizations, some new functions have also been integrated into the portal in order to optimize the creation of materials and generally the time-to-market for the partners*. Particular attention was paid to further simplifying processes and thus saving time and effort for partners* and headquarters. In the new portal, for example, large-format posters can be created more easily and booked directly, and series personalization (e.g. for mailings) can be carried out. These allow the intermediaries to automatically configure hundreds of personally addressed letters using an address list and a template and to send them directly to the customers. The integration of interfaces has also been improved. From now on, users can maintain their media databases both in the separate DAM and in the marketing portal. For example, if a user loads a new photo into the portal or edits the keywords and metadata, these are also updated directly in the DAM and vice versa. In this way, already integrated processes could be further developed, optimized and expanded.

New: website kit

The digitization of marketing is no longer leaving the insurance industry unaffected, and many customers no longer only obtain information from their local insurance broker, but also online. Mecklenburgische Versicherung would like to prepare for this new customer behavior and is relying on the integration of the Local Brand X website module for the relaunch. This modular system allows the partners* to create their own personal intermediary website and fill it with personal data and offers. At the end of the individualization, the broker content is published directly on the Mecklenburgische Versicherung website and can be found by local customers. Thus, the insurance company offers all partners*, regardless of what technical knowledge they have, the possibility of a successful and corporate design-compliant website that can address customers even in the digital age. This new function has already turned out to be a complete success and was already used by numerous intermediaries in the first month.

We look forward to supporting Mecklenburgische Versicherung in terms of marketing and partner networks in the future and to working together on the path to digitization.

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Simon von Local Brand X
Simon Hofbauer

Head of Customer Success, Authorized Signatory

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