Local Brand X and alvernmedia: Tap gun advertising can now be booked directly via the Local Marketing Platform

In local marketing, there are always new opportunities for companies with a sales partner network to reach potential customers and increase brand awareness. A particularly creative marketing measure in local marketing is pump nozzle advertising, which offers an enormous reach when used at particularly busy petrol stations.

We at Local Brand X have also looked into the advantages of pump nozzle advertising and have been convinced. We are delighted to have found a strong partner for our service provider network in alvernmedia. Since its foundation in 1997, the Hamburg-based advertising agency has established itself as an expert in the field of petrol station advertising and, with a network of over 7,400 petrol stations in Germany, has achieved an impressive presence in almost all districts. Their FillBoard™ advertising media have firmly established themselves as the preferred advertising space at petrol stations and are marketed at over 13,000 petrol stations in the DACH region.

With alvernmedia, you and your sales partners have the opportunity to book pump nozzle advertising directly via our Local Marketing Platform and benefit from the many advantages of this innovative form of advertising.

The great potential of tap advertising in local marketing

Petrol stations have developed far beyond their original function and offer a wide range of other services in addition to refueling. In addition to fuel, they also offer car washes, garage services and the sale of food, drinks, tobacco products and magazines. As a result, petrol stations have become an important supply point for motorists and represent a highly frequented platform for advertising. In some cases, they are even open 24 hours a day (average opening times 06:00 - 22:00).

With well over 40 million drivers regularly using petrol stations around the clock, there is a high intensity of contact. On average, people fill up about three times a month and many drivers have their preferred "favorite filling station". The petrol station is a place of constant return, often with waiting situations, which creates optimal conditions for advertising. In contrast to other advertising media, customers do not experience quick eye contact here, but linger briefly at the pump (on average over 2 minutes). This moment during refueling allows your advertising on the FillBoard™ to be perceived more intensively. There is enough time to read the message or take a closer look at the advertised product. Multi-motif campaigns also increase attention.

Book tap gun advertising directly via the Local Marketing Platform

Use the small but effective advertising space on the dispenser nozzle to present your new products or services and arouse the interest of potential customers. By placing your logo, brand name or slogan, you can build trust and long-term customer relationships, while targeted promotions and discounts motivate customers to take advantage of your offer.

To make efficient use of tap advertising, we offer you and your local sales partners the opportunity to book these out-of-home advertising measures directly via our Local Marketing Platform. It's easy to have your advertising placed at all the pumps at your preferred filling station.

Does this advertising opportunity or the Local Marketing Platform in general sound interesting for you and your company? Then please contact us, we look forward to advising you on this topic.

Carolin Klein
Carolin Klein

Marketing Managerin

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