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Search engine optimization in local marketing

In today's marketing world, no one can avoid keywords such as search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEA: search engine advertising). We use Google every day to get the best results for our needs and demands. Especially on the go and locally, Google is our constant companion to find the next best shops and restaurants or to explain us the way there. This is precisely why the correct use of search engines and the knowledge about them are of great importance for local companies and sales partners. Before search engine optimization can take place, you should be aware of who the local target group is, what their needs are and where they can be found virtually. Since the majority of local search queries are made by mobile devices and usually even on the go, it is also very important to offer a mobile-friendly website that can be easily accessed by the smartphone and on which all important information such as address, contact person and contact is readily available can be found by the customer and the search engine.

Local searches

If you look further at the relevant keywords, most of the search queries at the local level are as follows: searched business + location, e.g. B. "Auto + City" or just "Auto". In the second case, when a local search query is recognized, the location information is added based on the GPS data or the IP address. Then the local results will be suggested tailored to your own needs. This is done strikingly using a “local pack”, the first three suggestions that are presented directly in connection with the Google Maps map. These results are shaped above all by the relevance, the distance to the searcher and the awareness of the company.

Better ranking results through information

In order to influence this expenditure, it is particularly important to provide consistent information about the company and to keep it up to date. The best way to do this is through a Google MyBusiness entry, in which the important information about the location, contact and opening times are published in connection with an image. This information should also be easily accessible on the website (on-page optimization) and on other non-company sites such as online directories (off-page optimization). In addition to the list on portals, it is also advantageous to follow a link strategy that leads to backlinks to the website from other local sites and to present public profiles on social media.

Practical tips

In addition to all of these general tips, small actions can also help improve local visibility on Google. One way to do this is to generate high feedback. This can be achieved, for example, by responding to comments and ratings. Even as a local company, you should conscientiously deal with feedback and criticism and make the best possible reference to it - even with negative statements. Another point of interaction is the use of social media. Direct customer contact is established here, which in turn can be used to generate important links and reach. In addition to all these small actions in direct customer contact, it is most important that the search engine can also be found. Local landing pages and an alignment of the texts according to the locally relevant keywords can achieve the highest possible visibility. Together with the high response rate and the external links and mentions, this leads to a completely successful search engine optimization for your local company.


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