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Efficient marketing management with a system.

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Lead local marketing to success with the optimal marketing management system

If you want to retain the freedom in large companies to respond flexibly to regional marketing requirements, you will find the right solutions for your needs in a Marketing Management System (MMS). As an interface between the central marketing department and the sales and distribution partners*, a marketing management system creates the solutions that are needed to react promptly to local market conditions. With the help of marketing management software, all threads are brought together and bundled on one platform. Regardless of whether advertising material is to be implemented for a specific partner * or digital advertisements are fed with new information and played out - a system for local marketing makes it possible.

The services

  • Leaner processes through less correction effort and simple work steps in the tool
  • Relief of the marketing department from routine processes
  • Ensuring a consistent and CD-compliant brand presence
  • Optional access to our partner network for order processing


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The benefits

Central control, locally adapted

The Marketing Management System (MMS) enables the compatibility of local marketing and its central control. It offers solutions for the simplification of communication between the parties involved (headquarters, partners* * and customers), which guarantees a consistent appearance of the brand and makes it possible to address customers and target groups individually.

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By using the marketing management system, we have managed to optimise our communication in terms of time and content. With the portal, our employees and service providers have come to appreciate a central contact point for the creation and retrieval of marketing documents.

Dr. Ulrich Ott, Head of Corporate Communications ING-DiBa

The workflows

Centralization, modularity and transparency thanks to marketing management software

In the Marketing Management System (MMS), what belongs together is brought together. In a modular marketing management software, relevant information about campaigns is made accessible to all teams involved on a platform. In the framework specified by the central department, employees can use the software to adapt campaigns and advertising material to specific locations for local marketing. In addition, a specific role and rights management enables control over the responsibilities of the individual teams and users and thus protects against data misuse.

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The complete solution for efficient marketing management

Marketing management software brings all those involved together around a large table and, thanks to its structure - central definition of guidelines and principles and regional adaptation options - ensures considerable time and cost savings. By defining the appearance of campaigns in the central department and the subsequent individualization of the individual partners* *, consistent compliance with the corporate identity is ensured at all times. The brand presents itself strongly and with uniform standards to the outside world and thus convinces the customers, nevertheless advertising measures can be individually adapted to the local customers. In addition, the uncomplicated interaction of the brand with marketing management software ensures increased identification potential - both for customers and in the company itself.

Thanks to independent digital log-ins on the platform, users from a wide variety of teams are able to use the advantages of the Marketing Management System (MMS) at the time and place that suits their way of working. Every person and every team receives the marketing information relevant to them without lengthy searches or cumbersome arrangements. The same applies to adjustments to guidelines or address data in campaigns. Changes are updated daily for all teams and users. The individual assignment of access rights contributes to data protection and is supported by an ISO-27001-certified data center operation. Thanks to the modular conception options, the marketing management software is tailored precisely to the company and thus offers solutions for a targeted conception of successful on-site marketing.

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The functions

Modules of the marketing management system for efficient brand & marketing management

Marketing planner for campaign control in the marketing management system

Marketing planner for campaign control

The marketing plan is a visual representation of centrally planned or personal marketing measures that are available to the partner and the teams. The partners* can then create and book measures directly.

  • Easy planning, creation and implementation of marketing measures
  • Presentation of central planning recommendations and your own planning

Budget planning for financial transparency

Centralized planning of the budget enables sales and distribution partners* to invest their budget in a large number of advertising measures and adapt them to their local marketing. The tool's extensive budget planning is easy to understand and saves time and money.

  • Creation of a budget plan for any marketing measures
  • Rule-based distribution of budgets
Budget planning for financial transparency in the marketing management system
Transparency of the marketing management system

Full transparency with a dashboard

Das Dashboard visualisiert alle Aktivitäten in der Marketing-Management-Lösung. Über verschiedene Filtermöglichkeiten kann sich die Marketingabteilung die eingesetzten Budgets oder Planungsstände ihrer Partner visualisieren lassen.

  • Ganzheitliche Darstellung von KPIs
  • Ermöglicht transparenten Überblick für die Zentrale

Advertising subsidy for sales and distribution partners*

Any marketing processes of the sales and distribution partners* can be subsidized by means of advertising subsidies. With configurable approval processes, a tool application can be processed in a few minutes - which in turn saves time and money.

  • Advertising allowance using a credit / voucher system or an individual application review
  • Easy creation of applications and reimbursement
Advertising subsidy for sales and marketing partners in the marketing management system
Target group management for every budget in the marketing management system

Target group management for every budget

Due to the diverse communication options on the market, it is a permanent challenge to use the advertising budget in the best possible way in marketing processes. Target group management helps here, as it enables easier decision-making during the booking process.

  • Automated calculation of market potential
  • Visualization of advertising areas

Multichannel communication

The Marketing Management System (MMS) enables sales and distribution partners* to communicate in all communication channels (print and online). The marketing department provides templates that can be customized by the user and then ordered.

  • Availability of over 25 forms of advertising
  • Realization of multichannel campaigns
MultiChannel communication with the marketing management system
Marketing management system serial personalization

Optimization of marketing processes

The increasing number of communication channels and the ever smaller target groups with different habits pose challenges for brand companies with decentralized structures. Marketing automation of media processes can be made possible through marketing management tools.

  • Leaner processes through marketing automation
  • Creation of transparency for companies and sales partners*

Campaign implementations made easy

The provision of cross-media campaigns is easy to implement using the marketing management system. Make the desired advertising material available to your sales partner. These only have to be personalized and then booked or ordered.

  • Cross-media campaign implementation with just a few clicks
  • Campaign success statistics can be viewed
Marketing management system campaign implementation
Advertising form Print in the marketing management system

Advertising forms "Print"

From the classic business card to multi-page print brochures - there is no end to the provision of advertising material. If necessary, existing service providers can be connected or the Local Brand X partner network can be used.

  • Advertisements, posters, flyers, large areas, brochures, office equipment
  • Mailings, direct mail, vehicle lettering and transport advertising

“Digital" forms of advertising

"The future is going digital!" For this reason, a large number of online and digital advertising modules are already available. Decide which advertising material you will make available to your sales and distribution partners* and work in teams on more digital content.

  • Digital ads, online banners, radio spots, commercials
  • Online formats: social media postings and advertisements, Google Ads
Advertising form digital marketing management system