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How local marketing software can strengthen your own business

A total of 46 percent of all search queries on Google are so-called "Nearby" - or local queries. And not only online, in general, local marketing, i.e. the local marketing of small businesses and branches of larger companies, is becoming increasingly important. In addition to online trading, despite globalization, many people still rely on local business, which can now also be found a lot via digital and online channels. In order to address these local customers, the companies rely on increased local marketing, in which the different components of the marketing mix become important. Here, too, it is important to advertise as varied and varied as possible and to address customers on social media as well as personally or via the classic media, newsletters or blogs.

Local Marketing Challenges

The problem with many local businesses is that they do not have the same tools and software support as large businesses. As a result, the marketing results are often not sufficient or can only be measured imprecisely. In addition, local customers often have a different customer journey than the general target group of the company. Although online platforms are becoming more and more important, the company's own business website is hardly ever visited, and in the local environment there is increased advertising through personal contact in the branch or at regional events and trade fairs. In addition, local businesses face the challenge of digitally targeting their advertising measures with the right targeting in order to reach the right people and not waste money and resources unnecessarily from SEO or social media.

The right tools for effective local marketing

With the right local marketing software, you can offer your employees an important tool in local marketing and strengthen their own business in the long term. The versatile marketing tools that are currently on the market support local companies in the various areas of marketing, which are not only represented online, but also in classic offline marketing.

1. Local Listings

Besonders im Local Marketing ist es wichtig in den unzähligen digitalen Branchenverzeichnissen gelistet zu sein. Diese sogenannten Local Listings führen dazu, auf Suchmaschinen wie Google schneller gefunden und besser gerankt zu werden (SEO) sowie mehr Aufrufe auf der eigenen Website zu generieren. Außerdem wirken einheitliche und vollständige Informationen auf die Kunden professionell und überzeugend. Local Listings Tools bieten die Möglichkeit alle Verzeichnisse gesammelt zu befüllen und zu aktualisieren. Zudem kann auf Reviews und Bewertungen eingegangen werden und ein generelles Monitoring vollzogen werden. So werden keine neuen Reviews mehr übersehen und es kann gegeben Falls direkt geantwortet werden.

2. Digital advertising

Local marketing tools also offer support in booking and creating online advertisements, for example on search engines such as Google or on any website. Targeting and booking can be carried out directly in the tool. This ensures that the right target group is not only reached personally, but also digitally. A / B testing can be used to find out which ads are successful for your own business.

3. Social media

Local marketing software not only makes it possible to use classic social media ads for local marketing, but also makes it easier to share your own contributions. Especially for a small business or company with a minimal or no marketing department, it can often be overwhelming and labor-intensive to fill the various social media channels and your own website and to log in to the platforms regularly. Local marketing tools help to fill everything at a glance and to be able to plan contributions. In addition, comments, answers and reviews can be monitored directly on the social media platforms.

4. Public relations and local media

Not only the digital addressing of customers, but also classic media can be addressed with local marketing software. Thanks to the integrated maintenance of media contacts and the direct sending of mailings, not only advertising material can be sent, but also the local media can be supplied with information. So tools not only help in classic marketing, but also for all PR activities.

5. Search engine optimization (SEO)

As already mentioned, search engines are particularly important in local marketing. Here, potential customers are looking for branches and shops in the area. With the right SEO of the website and in conjunction with the local listings, a local marketing tool can help make the website easier to find on Google and Co.

Find the right local marketing tool for your own business

In order to be able to work as effectively as possible and not to start directly with all marketing channels at the same time, it is advisable to find out which channels are important for your own local customers. In this way, the software can also be tailored and adapted to your own needs and preferences. Ideally, the chosen tool should combine all the necessary forms of marketing in order to prevent employees from using different platforms and creating more work. Software systems with a modular structure (social media, SEO, advertising, local listings, PR, etc.) are particularly recommended and can therefore be expanded to include additional marketing areas for local marketing in the future.

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