Marketing portal ATR-Service


Marketing portal ATR

Purchasing and processing become efficient

The online shop developed by Local Brand X especially for ATR SERVICE GmbH has significantly improved the presentation of goods. The customers find the products in the shop not only more simply, but the orders are passed on also automated to the responsible service provider. Additionally, the online shop has its own loyalty mark system for customer connection. The collected loyalty stamps can be used in the shop for purchases and thus ensure further sales. The new and improved structure of the shop has already led to a significant increase in customer activity just a few months after the system was launched.

Facts and figures
  • Online since 2012
  • + 1,200 users
  • 850 orders per month
  • 800 items
  • 10 Service providers

The task

  • Consolidation of existing satellite systems (Meisterhaft, AC & AUTO CHECK, autoPARTNER)
  • Integration of a central administration and reporting system
  • Improvement of order workflows for trading partners
  • Optimal sales support for the respective partners, partner* advisors, etc.
  • Conceptual control of all content via a central platform
Marketing portal ATR SERVICE GmbH

The solution

Marketing portal ATR SERVICE GmbH
  • Development of a consistent layout for all three brands
  • Development of a new structure for improved order workflows
  • Integration of interfaces (e.g. single-sign-on)
  • Consolidated range - from business cards to embroidered sweatshirt
  • Web-to-print for customizable marketing and sales documents
  • Order possibility for Internet appearances (Microsites, Websites)
  • Integrated subsidy system (loyalty stamp/credit system)