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Teambuilding is important to us!

Last Friday, the first official teambuilding-evening took place, including our new trainees. Employees from all departments who are responsible for the education of the two boys were part of the event.

To strengthen cooperation and teamwork, but also beacause of the special request of Dominik, the evening started in the so-called Escape Room in Mainz. In a selection of different rooms with different subject areas, the participants face the task of getting out of the closed room within 60 minutes. Our room was the so-called 'Gatsby room' with many secrets and tasks to solve. We set ourselves the goal of breaking the record time of 35 minutes. This challenge seemed impossible at the beginning of the game. Thanks to masterly detective work by our Nadine Rössler, but also to the overall performance of the team, we managed to escape the room after 48 minutes - a complete success!

To end this success, the evening ended with a dinner at Citrus Mainz. Because teambuilding is important to us.

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Simon von Local Brand X
Simon Hofbauer

Head of Customer Success, Authorized Signatory

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