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Keeping an eye on stock and managing orders centrally: The Local Brand X marketing portal

In addition to individual advertising materials such as business cards, advertisements, etc., there is also a large number of advertising materials in local marketing that are uniform across the company. Whether flyers, brochures or promotional gifts, the partners usually order these marketing materials from headquarters. In order to process such inquiries and orders as quickly as possible, the materials, unlike individual advertising media, are usually available in stock and are not only produced on demand. A standardized, simple and digital recording of the inventory enables orders to be processed quickly and products to be reordered in good time if necessary.

If you do not have a merchandise management system yet or would like to simplify your order processing processes, the Local Brand X marketing portal with its integrated merchandise management functions offers a simple solution. Here you can enter stock levels, manage orders, create delivery notes or address labels and thus provide your employees with the best possible support in the warehouse.

Support internal warehouses and employees

In order to influence the cooperation with the partners and the time-to-market of the marketing campaigns as positively as possible, it is particularly important to know what number of materials are available for the orders and in which warehouse they can be found. In order to guarantee that there is always enough advertising material available, a limit value can be defined at which the head office is informed that new articles are to be produced and that the warehouse is to be replenished. For a general overview, it is also possible to document various warehouses and stocks and to automatically provide warehouse employees with routing slips, delivery notes and address stickers for further order processing.

Manage orders

In addition to the pure documentation of stock levels, inventory control systems also help with the management of individual orders. In this case, for example, backlogs can be formed and forward and partial shipments can be initiated. Employees can also add tracking information and provide partners with additional details of the order and history. Orders can also be analyzed and evaluated using additional analytics functions (e.g. according to cost centers). Different functions can be selected to transmit the order data of the orders to the connected service providers. Orders can be transmitted as classic e-mail or via FTP / SFTP. Alternatively, the data can also be called up directly via the "Order API" and further processed automatically. In addition, the system can be configured in such a way that the data can also be processed by external systems such as a SAP system, so that your internal processes, for example for accounting, are adhered to.

ERP system and the Local Brand X marketing portal

The merchandise management functions are fully integrated into the marketing portal and enable you and your service providers to process all areas of advertising material ordering in a uniform system. This means that data does not have to be exported and entered into other systems, but can be used directly. Especially companies that have not yet used an inventory control system can benefit from these functions and optimize their warehouse work.

Would you also like to work with merchandise management functions in the future and support service providers and employees when ordering advertising material? Contact us, we're glad to help.


Yannik Bockius
Yannik Bockius

Managing Director

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