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Glossary – Marketing-Management-System

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A marketing management system, also MMS, is an interface between the marketing department and the sales department and aims to simplify the control of marketing processes. The system handles questions about various marketing measures. The communication about campaign planning and control, reporting and success control is handled by a marketing management system. For example, marketing measures are centralized and uniform standards are secured within the company as well as with sales partners. Many marketing management systems are modular and can be adapted to the needs of the company.

A marketing management system puts branding at the center and makes it possible to customize campaigns by local sales partners. Decision-makers define the framework that should exist for each marketing activity. For example, the strict adherence to the corporate identity is the focus of attention. Within the given framework, distribution partners and franchisees can adapt advertising media regionally.

Through a central role and rights management, said frames can be adapted at any time or information can be updated. This allows company-specific standards to be maintained both locally and locally. In addition, native quality controls can verify the quality of text and print products: Is the print format correct, have spelling errors crept into a text? Culling mistakes is greatly simplified by a marketing management system. Open interfaces facilitate data exchange and streamline communication processes. This saves companies time and money while increasing the quality of the end products.

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